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SFM literal for null

I would like to set the values of a couple of fields to null or blank. Any idea how I can do that via sfm mapping?

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Re: SFM literal for null

Hasnain Yusufali

There are 2 options currently that are applicable.

1. If executing SFM via browser, we could leverage the option of creating a formula on the SFM. This however does not work when executing the SFM via the mobile device

2. Create a dummy formula field "Null_Field__c" on the corresponding object associated to the SFM which always evaluates to Null. Use that field in the Mapping via "SVMX.CURRENTRECORD.Null_Field__c".

Also, please support the idea

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Re: SFM literal for null

Hello Hasnain Yusufali​. We have several examples where we make a field blank or NULL within our work order process. To achieve this we are leveraging SMax SFM Formulas which work offline on all but Android Phone devices per the chart below from this document: ServiceMax App Comparison Matrix​.


Using this approach has been very helpful to handle conditional situations for making specific field's value NULL. For example, this formula removes the Engineer from the work order if it is rejected:

$F.IF($F.EQUAL($D.Work_Order.SVMXC__Order_Status__c, 'Rejected'),'', $D.Work_Order.SVMXC__Group_Member__c)

sfm formulas​ sfm​ null field​ set blank​

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Re: SFM literal for null

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the update. This solution is definitely helpful.


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