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Template designer and SFDC formula (image)

Line Chef
Line Chef

Template designer and SFDC formula (image)

Hi all,

in SFDC, I have created a formula field to display a traffic light based on the selection of the picklist - works perfectly fine in SFDC:


( ISPICKVAL( field_name__c , 'YES')) , IMAGE("/img/samples/light_green.gif", "green"), 
IMAGE("/img/samples/light_red", "red") 

I wanted to add this formula field into the template I'm building, ie. Has the document been approved: <reference to the formula field>.

When I generate the preview, instead of the image, I get the following string:

<img border="0" alt="red" src="/img/samples/light_red">

I have tried to upload the image under Documents and Static Resource - still not working. 

Could someone let me know what I'm doing wrong and if this cannot be achieved my way, what options do I have to meet the requirement? 

Thank you.