Product Team
Product Team

UX Audit

ServiceMax is looking for a few good customers to try a new service we're considering: UX Audit.

The UX Audit is a free service that will review your Service Flow actions, wizards, forms and workflow to ensure that you're creating the best experience for your techs. We'll look at every screen and make recommendations for organizing and presenting information in the best possible way.

The UX Audit should be conducted in the implementation phase, after the requirements are generated, workflow devised, and initial forms created. The audit will review form layout and organization, text labels, and relevance to goals. We'll also examine workflows and look at ways to deliver information to users in manageable chunks. You'll get a set of recommendations or we can make the changes directly. The entire process should take 2-3 days and we'll need access to your project leaders, subject matter experts and users.

Be forewarned: This isn't for everyone. You'll need to be open about your business and requirements. You'll need to answer a lot of "why" questions as we dig deep into your business and use cases. And you'll need to be open to change. We're still developing this service and we're going to be fine-tuning and possibly making wholesale changes as we move forward. The good news is that you'll have direct, extended access to a member of the ServiceMax product team, so the things we learn on the project will directly impact our product plans. And since we're still developing and refining this service, there's no charge.

We're looking to kick off our first Audit in July 2016. If you're interested or want to learn more, just send an email to