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Wizard not being shown on Work Detail

I have created a VF page and a wizard for the Work Detail object.

However, I just get the message "Congratulations This is your new Component: sfm_wizard" as shown below. I must have missed doing something but cannot see what - any ideas anyone?

The VF I have created is:

and the wizard

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Re: Wizard not being shown on Work Detail

Hi Gill Cook, I have had a look into the ServiceMax help files that I think you have been looking at. I do not think from looking at them that ServiceMax support a visualforce page on Work Order Details.

They support a wizard component on a standard salesforce page layout. If it is for a custom object then you can create a visualforce component for it but I believe that is for objects outside of the ServiceMax package.

So I am looking to understand more of what your use case is here. You should be able to add a wizard for work details to your standard salesforce page layout for work details. Or are you looking for something different?

Regards, Richard

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