2019 NPS Action Plan [Overview]

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‎03-20-2019 09:19 AM

Here at ServiceMax, we believe in the Voice of the Customer, that your feedback should drive our strategy and your experience of ServiceMax is of paramount importance to us.

But don't take my word for it. Watch our executive team from across ALL key customer-facing functions speak about what they personally will do, based on your feedback, to improve your experience in 2019.

When your company fills out our NPS survey, we ask you about specific teams at ServiceMax. Those teams are committed to improving and we want to share these videos with you: Hear from our leaders directly in the video, about their commitments for the year and their promises to improve.

Thanks, and please know, I'm always grateful you've chosen ServiceMax. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Love it! Excited to watch the rest of the videos.

Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Great way to provide details of what is being done to address the NPS Feedback.

Thanks @Dave_Hart !

A transcript of each video may be helpful to allow an alternative way to interact with the content or give us the ability to easily share with our management or leaders what the plans are for each area.

Regards, Richard

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