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An Exciting New Chapter: Jive Rewards

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎07-18-2017 02:34 PM

As many of you know, across our community we've been playing a game where the more you engage, the more points you earn! From MiniMAX to MAXster levels, our users have truly connected with the community because of this system. Starting on August 1st, we will be upgrading our Community gamification system from BunchBall to Jive Rewards.

The game itself would remain the same. For example, if you like a post you'll receive one point or if you create a discussion you'll receive four points. But before we make this move, Deirdre Yee and I want to check with you, the players, on how you feel about this change.

One of the main changes could be how we level the playing field. There's hundred of new members since the start of the original game, so how would you feel starting most users from scratch? For our top users, those who are constantly engaging with others and contributing new content, we would provide you with a badge and a great amount of points to reflect that you are amongst the top users. So essentially we would wipe the slate clean, add more badges, more challenges, and reward our best users.

Please share with us your thoughts - what did you like about the game? What did you dislike? What else should we gamify?

This is your chance to give feedback on the community, the points system, and to have your input be counted!

Thanks! We can't wait to play.

How to View Your Level and Points

1. Click View My Profile.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.05.11 PM.png

2. Select More, and then click Reputation.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.05.32 PM.png

3. Check out your level and explore the ways in which you've earned points.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.05.59 PM.png

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Starting from scratch without a reference to previous accomplishments may be hard for the hard workers, but why not display a badge with "old points" conto that will no longer increment (a badge of fame :-)) and start new with the new rewarding system.
What I did not like about the old system is that posting an idea did NOT get you any points, but adding tags did. Similar I don't think a helpful reply to someones post/question would get you any points, when it does it may stimulate people to take the effort.
Also old achievements like MaxLive 2015 should no longer be visible as "missions" unless you completed them.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks Rob, all great input! We love the idea of adding a badge for all top users - the All Stars for those who have scored well within the current game! We want to reward people who have been active.

Your other feedback is also really helpful and great, we'll look at making those improvements! THANK YOU!

Richard Lewis​ I thought you might have some suggestions for us to consider too!

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Personally I think that having my slate wiped clean would dissuade me from continuing to "play the game".  I am also wondering what the motivation for levelling the playing field is.  After all no-one likes playing a game for ages and then having all of the late starters given the same amount of points that you have just spent ages earning!  You wouldn't expect to join a game of Rocket League half way through and then be awarded the same number of goals as everyone else in the game, would you? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Aidan,

Thanks for weighing in! Happy to share some of our thinking around this. We weren't able to set up missions according to membership type, certain ones for customers, partners, and ServiceMax employees. The only exception were manually applied badges that we used mainly for in person events and community-hosted webex conversations.

Also, in error, we turned gamification on as we were building the community, which led to an unfair amount of points to stack up before most of our customers joined. They came to a game that was well underway, and the population of content further fed this disparity.

Because of these elements, some of the top users on the leaderboard are ServiceMax Employees. While the activity is meaningful, important, and useful, we built this community with customers as our primary audience. I don't really want ServiceMax folks dominating the leaderboard!

The wipe would take us all down to close to 0. Then we'd add on for best users to push them ahead in the new game:

The model we were thinking of would take top customer users and give them a big bump at the beginning: Community Architect (or a similar name) with hundreds of points attached. So customer users that have invested time, like you, would start off with your top tier status reflected, just not the exact point total.

We'd reward top partners and employees, but on a lesser scale than top customer users.


What I'm hoping to do is correct the imbalance we have, while still rewarding top users for their time spent earning points and participating.

We're still working out what will work best, to encourage activity and reinvigorate our game as we transition.

Thanks again,

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Some thoughts from me Deirdre Yee

  • What are the plans for content publishing users e.g. ServiceMax Knowledge?

  • Will badges and missions be able to be filtered to show the ones you have completed or the ones you have yet to do.

  • Will this gamification show on the mobile app? Points, levels etc?

I am also unsure about the plans to rebaseline but I guess I will see what I end up with

Its a bit hard to visualise what is coming so I will likely have more feedback once this is live.

Regards, Richard

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

I reviewed some old posts and found the below with some suggestions i made a while ago.

Enhancements to Missions and Badges

  • Can the badges/missions be filtered based on what type of user you are? I currently see badges that can only be attained by partners or by ServiceMax employees. I have a designation in the community of customer. I would not be able to complete these missions. Can they be hidden from my view?

  • Can the missions/badges that are no longer attainable be removed from view? There are badges/missions for event attendance and participation in 2014 a year ago that no longer seem relevant or attainable as the events are long past.

  • How about a mission or badge for sharing a certain amount of content with fellow community members to get users to encourage other users to be more involved?

  • How about a badge or mission for number of connections? There could be several of these tiered. With names to match. E.g networker,socialite, networking ninja.

  • A badge/mission for each of the community levels would be cool or maybe just some of the higher ones. Maybe a shield with a number on it? 1 being the highest or the lowest/

  • How about a badge which requires you to do every action in the community once. e.g. post a blog post, a discussion, a status update, like a post, follow a post, comment on a post, mark a post as helpful. Maybe called 'community all rounder' or 'try everything once'. It would encourage people to use all of the functionality in the community.

Let me know what you think Deirdre Yee

Regards, Richard Lewis

Community Manager
Community Manager

After careful deliberation and planning, we're finally upgrading to Jive Rewards the weekend of August 4th! We really appreciate the feedback that you have given us, on this blog post and via phone and email. We want to take a moment to thank all of the players in our ServiceMax Community game. Ever since we launched our community on this platform in August 2014, we've seen how community members have built great value in this space. As we've shared on design time  sessions and other community-exclusive events, the experts that are active here are our community's most valuable asset!

Per your requests, and the desire to make your contributions count - we are making sure to reward our users - particularly those who have taken the time out of their days to contribute most!

After the migration, we will be rewarding top users:  There will be four tiers of badges that reflect your level and how many points you've earned over the last few years! We're very excited to recognize a great amount of you for all your wonderful participation.

Stay tuned for an update that highlights those badge, the points totals, and our top players!

In addition to new top user badges, we plan to create various new ways to earn points and badges - more updates will follow! Please continue to reply here with more feedback, ideas for new badges and challenges, and ways we can make this community better for you!

Nicole Guzzo​ and Deirdre Yee

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

I have started a thread to capture any feedback about the new Jive Rewards. Click below to leave your feedback.

Jive Rewards Feedback

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