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‎11-16-2017 04:04 PM

As the year rounds out, and the holidays roll in, everyone gets busier and busier. However, I'm grateful for those who still make time to pop into our Community here or there. As a Community Manger, I'm always rooting for more engagement, but it's not just me. Your peers are rooting for you to response and answer their questions! So if you take the time to do that, you are definitely part of the communityallstars​.

Here are some of highlights from this week:

Checklist - Step by Step Configuration - Casey Palmer​ started a conversation about filtering checklists​.

Anyone using Multiple Device Types? (iPad, iPhone, Android) - Dan Schiess​ is searching for more information and use cases for the FSA app. Do you have any you can share?

- Matt Feeney​ offered support for an idea!

Installed Products  - Richard Lewis​ shared his experience and a resource that could help with bringing info to an installed product.

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