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Building Your Reputation - Expanded Community Thought Leadership Opportunities

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎04-14-2015 05:49 PM

Hello Community Members,

The ServiceMax Community has grown in leaps and bounds and today we are pleased to unveil a new area for field service thought leadership - discoverable by anyone in the public with membership options for anyone who is passionate about field service!

A Little Community History

On the last day of September 2014, we launched this revamped community program to MaxLive 2014​ Boston customer attendees. We invited 60 customers to come join the whole ServiceMax team in the new platform and help us develop the space into something useful.  Since then, we have welcomed more than 1200 members into the community from across the extended ServiceMax family. 

ServiceMax Customers are joining Consulting Partners from our Global Alliance Program, Technology Partners who are sharing their integrated offerings in the ServiceMax Marketplace​, and the experienced and engaged ServiceMax team in this community and building up an impressive pool of knowledge.

Photo Sep 30, 3 27 01 PM.jpg

Customers are leading the conversations, whether they are posts in Network and Share​, live Web-Ex sessions like Champion-led Preventive Maintenance: Live Customer Networking Session​, or posting and voting on ideas in the Product Hub​.

ServiceMax Product Team is getting involved too, hosting Product design time​ sessions like Video Link : 1145​ from last month, or Product Design Time: Influencing the culture of your field service organization​ coming up on April 29th. These supplement and expand details in release notes​, documentation​ and discussions.

The Education​ Services group has also shared a wide array of training​ videos and Certified Admin course details. We will be building out exciting resources and discussions to help attendees prepare and plan for Maximize 2015​, as well as benefit from presentations, keynote videos, and photos after the event.

What's Happening Now?

As you will see in Pam Dodrill's blog post tomorrow on (link TBA) we have benefitted so much from the feedback, sharing, and collaboration here.  This includes great take aways and goals for our business from your input in this community. We are incorporating the customer voice, your voice, into our programs and plans across ServiceMax. We are also delighted to see customers helping each other and sharing valuable expertise in this space. We want to keep building and expanding this resource to promote customer success.

We also want to bring in the input from thought leaders across the field service industry - ServiceMax customer or not!  We have put together an area that will let existing community members and anyone else interested in field service collaborate on the important trends and topics that affect the industry. These areas are not duplicating our nuanced product discussions in Network and Share and other community forums. We are focused on keeping the benefit for customers the same, while allowing all community members to share their expertise and thought leadership in a public area.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

The majority of the community areas are not changing, we aren't adding the public into our product discussion threads in Network and Share! You can post there just like you always have!

The general public will gain access to ServiceMax Marketplace​, Events​, Education and  About This Community​ areas. Anyone can explore those spaces, and any guest who registers can comment on blogs there, vote in polls, watch videos, and share content.  They will also benefit from collaborating with you in the new areas for field service thought leadership.

Network and Share​, Support​, ​Product Hub and all areas under the Customer Central tab will remain private to the ServiceMax family. As ServiceMax Customers and Partner members, you enjoy exclusive access to the product discussions in Network and Share, browsing, submitting, and voting on ideas in Product Hub, and access to essential customer resources like release notes and documentation in Support.

I'll say that again: In Customer Central spaces, you can share with the same freedom (and privacy) as you have had since we launched this community.

Here are overviews of permissions and access in various areas in the community:

Know the 'Room': Community Places and Permissions: Who Can See Your Posts

ServiceMax Community for Guests, Customers, and Partners

What should I do now?

The community now allows you to share your Field Service thought leadership with the whole world!

Explore the new blogs and comment on your favorite posts! 

Comment on recently published white papers, case studies, data sheets, infographics and vote in polls!

New Areas!!

Field Service Network

Field Service Vision

Maxpert Voice

Thank you again for continuing to support this initiative! Your participation is the most valuable part of this community space.

Please comment below with any feedback, questions, or ideas!

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I'm obsessed with collaboration, networking, and social engagement. I'll work with clients on little things like @mentioning another admin in the thread, someone who is working on the same kind of project. Or big things, like getting a contact on an interview with Fortune Magazine or putting them on a huge keynote stage. Collaboration tools, fun in-person events, virtual calls and meetings, these are my areas to geek out, and helping you meet peers who are valuable connections is my work joy. At home, it's softball, Marlo (dog), Vermont, music.