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​This discussion has been setup to allow you to easily find past Community All Star posts.

You can find more information on this series of posts and awards here:Update: New Badges and Points [Community All Stars: August 31 2017]

LinkCommunity All Stars
November 16th 2017Answering Questions & Showing Support [Community All Stars: November 16 2017]

Casey Palmer​, Dan Schiess​,

Matt Feeney​, Richard Lewis

October 26th 2017Discussion Threads & Design Times [Community All Stars: October 26 2017]

Mark Varley​, John Welisevich​,

Jeff Silveira

October 13th 2017Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas [Community All Stars: October 13 2017]Rob van Waveren​, Sandeep Reddy Musku​, Bob Clegg
October 6th 2017Upcoming Design Time [Community All Stars: October 6 2017]

Kerri Shirey​, Sonia Genesse​,

Christian Schmid​, YULIZAR RACHMAT​, Julie White​, Michael Coutu​, Hans van Mil

September 29th 2017Post-Maximize, SFM, & Upcoming Webinars [Community All Stars: September 29 2017]

Michael Majerus​, Roger Hom​,

Adam Cooper​, Nick Sauer

September 15th 2017Maximize Excitement, Mobile App, & ERP [Community All Stars: September 15 2017]

Doug McLean​, Adam Homoly​,

Russell Jacobs

September 7th 2017iPad Sync Conflicts, Field Service Heroes, & Audit Log [Community All Stars: September 7 2017]

Adam Cooper​, Nick Sauer​,

Scott Willis​, Richard Lewis​,

Giuliano Bragagni​, Chad Formea​,

Sharath Satheesh

August 17th 2017Re: Engaging Across All Types of Content [Community All Stars: August 17 2017]Brenden Burkinshaw
August 11th 2017Re: Gamification Feedback and Your Field Service Start [Community All Stars: August 11 2017]Richard Lewis​, Timothy Schrimpf
August 3rd 2017GE Digital, Knowledge, and Design Time [Community All Stars: August 3 2017]

Micki Collart​,

Mayhul Jain​, ServiceMax Knowledge

July 28th 2017Work Order Views, Lightning Interface, & Design Time [Community All Stars: July 28 2017]Hans van Mil​, Cameron Fowles​, Javed Ahmed​, Swetha Tupelly
July 20th 2017Data Entry and Jive Rewards [Community All Stars: July 20 2017]

Rob van Waveren​,

Aidan Kirkpatrick​, Anita D'Souza​,

Susan Michel

July 14th 2017Renaming PDF Files and Upcoming Webinar [Community All Stars: July 14 2017]

Gill Cook​, Alex Langston​,

Adam Cooper

July 6th 2017

Time Entry Block Idea and Reporting Design Time [Community All Stars: July 6 2017]

Michael Majerus​,

Nick Sauer

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