Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team
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‎08-14-2019 07:44 AM

Customer Success and our Product Team have been cooking up a storm and we want to share what’s been accomplished this quarter.


  • Through our bi-weekly meetings with CS and Product, we’ve been reviewing item ideas and increasing engagement in the Ideas Exchange. 


  • As our Product team identifies when items that are on the roadmap will be released, this is being added to the Ideas comments.


  • Our Product team is working diligently to review and update each Idea at least one time per quarter.


  • Your Customer Success Manager should be monitoring, reviewing, and engaging in your Ideas.


What improvements would you like to see in the Ideas Exchange?  Let us know and we’ll schedule some time to meet and we can capture your recipe for success!


It is important to note that not all Ideas will be selected for implementation.

Please reach out to Lisa (@lisa_mercer), Kevin (@kevinpayne), or your Customer Success Manager if you have any feedback!