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‎05-31-2018 04:37 PM

May has been for Maximize, right? For all of you that attended, thank you, and I hope you had a good time and came out with a ton of new ideas! If you were in Las Vegas or Boston, you probably saw me creeping around the user group, listening to great customer conversations, or running around the second day, taking photos for our social channels. (Follow @ServiceMax on Twitter and @ServiceMaxHQ on Instagram )

For this week's communityallstars​, I wanted to recognize the customers who led conversations during our user groups. When planning user group events, it is imperative to gain participation from customers who are willing to share their expertise. Their willingness to contribute their time and knowledge is critical to the success of the event!

So, shout out to our Las Vegas leaders that included Ashoke Bhat​, Farooq Buvvaji​, Harsh Murarka,​​ Michael Majerus​,​ Philip Ammon​, and Tim Jones​ and our Boston leaders which included Beth Koehl​, Chad Formea​, Dan Schiess​, Gary Yantsos​, Jacob Griffin​, Jennifer Yellin​, Mark Kragenbring, Mark Richter​, Michael Mitchell, Paula Vogler​, and Randy Tolleson​!

If you weren't able to make it to our user group events, we uploaded all our user group presentations into West Coast User Group​ and East Coast User Group​. Feel free to check out the conversations, @mention any of this week's #communityallstars, and start the conversation!

If you want to see presentations, videos, and photos from the entire #Maximize18 Las Vegas and Boston events, visit 2018: Maximize Las Vegas & Boston Resources​. Don't forget, we still have Maximize Tokyo and our European Workshop Series!

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Fry Chef
Fry Chef

Nicole Guzzo - We always appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences so others can achieve success.  Thanks for a wonderful event!

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