Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team
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‎10-21-2019 11:02 AM

Our CAM and CSM teams are your advocates here at ServiceMax, in fact, we’re measured on your success. Today I want to talk about the Action Plan our group put in place in 2019 to address your NPS Feedback. The  of Customer Account Managers and Customer Success Managers serve as your key contact throughout the lifetime of your relationship with ServiceMax with a special focus on your adoption and satisfaction. CSMs manage the overall program for customers who have chosen the Premier Support option.


In January 2019 I shot a video describing our NPS investments this year, here’s how we’ve done and what we’ve completed so far:


You told us you were concerned about receiving updates via the Ideas Exchange.


We established a closer partnership between Customer Success and Product Management. A regular cadence between CS and Product and communicating the status on the Ideas submitted is now in place. This is an ongoing process of reviewing the incoming ideas through the Ideas Exchange forum on our community portal. The Customer Success teams meets with product on these ideas, discuss the ideas and enhancement request submitted for inclusion in the future roadmap and communicating these initiatives to our customers on a regular basis.


We’ve seen better response times, more substantial updates, better accountability on the ServiceMax side, and more satisfied customers who are submitting ideas.


You wanted help making the most of the platform, learning about new areas of product


We’ve added ongoing technical upgrade pre-checks for all customer based on their active maintenance window. Any customer can take advantage of our upgrade pre-check programs – just ask your customer account manager or customer success manager.



You also want more guidance on next steps for success.


Lastly, and most importantly, the CAMs and CSMs created action plans for each customer. All customers have a strategic account plan in place which is being reviewed and discussed during QBRs. These strategic plans are put in place by your Customer Success team in collaboration with Sales, Services and Support to make sure we are mapping out the most effective customer journey for you.

Ask your Customer Success Manager or Customer Account Manager if you would like to review the account plans.


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We want to keep improving and keep helping you be successful. Let’s partner together and answer the question, “Where are we now and how can we help you achieve your goals?



Thank you for your continued business. Your Customer Success contact is dedicated to your success and I always want to hear feedback on how things are going, and any way we can help.