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‎08-08-2019 11:44 AM

Exide’s products are used across every sector of the economy, from banking to logistics. They are renowned for performance and reliability, and often play a vital role in maintaining a company’s critical infrastructure. They also enable green innovations, such as the storage of renewable energy and the electrification of heavy-duty forklifts.

Exide uses ServiceMax to manage its preventative maintenance programme across nine European countries. The software has allowed Exide to maximise up-time and minimise total cost of ownership for its customers. Using the SPM module Exide has developed much more granular insights into how its service team is functioning, allowing for further improvements in efficiency and service delivery.  

Do you offer preventative maintenance? If so, what are your top preventative maintenance challenges?

At your company, which countries use ServiceMax, and what are the unique challenges across the regions?