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FAQ: ServiceMax Community Relaunch & Migration

Last Updated: 3/5/19


Here you will find answers to questions regarding the relaunch and migration of the ServiceMax Community.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please comment below or reach out to Deirdre Yee or Nicole Guzzo.





When is the relaunch of the ServiceMax Community?

March 5, 2019


What are we relaunching to?

The ServiceMax Community is moving to the Khoros platform (formerly known as Lithium), where exciting things are happening! They recently underwent a merger with Spredfast, which means new features and technology that will create an unparalleled ability to connect with customers.

What happened to the name Lithium?

On March 5, 2019, the combined company of Spredfast and Lithium announced its new name: Khoros, LLC. 

Here's an explanation of their new name:

"Khoros is the Greek word for chorus. In ancient Greece, the chorus was the group in a play who connected directly with the audience to deliver color, context, and counsel, making sense of the action on stage around them. They were the truth-tellers, the advice-givers, the melody-makers in a dissonant world.

Let us be that for you.

You work best when technology is built to meet your most pressing challenges. With Khoros, you can engage with customers where they are and carry on authentic conversations across platforms, bridging the divide between marketing and care.

Customers are the guiding light for every business and you, our community, are no different. At Khoros, we look forward to partnering with all of you as we shape the next phase of customer engagement together."

You can read more about the change on this press release.

Why are we moving to a new platform?

After being acquired in 2017, Jive-X, our current community platform, decided they would no longer innovating on their platform.

We prioritize investing in our customers’ experience, and part of that is providing a solid tool for the ServiceMax Community. We can’t provide a first-class community experience for customers to connect if we’re on a platform that is no longer evolving.


Will the URL change?

No. The URL will stay


Will the Community be down?

The ServiceMax Community will be under maintenance on March 4, 2019.


How do people sign up for the new community?

Starting March 5, 2019, the registration process will be as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Log In” in the top, right-hand corner.
  3. Follow the registration process.
  4. Your account is immediately approved
  5. For customer, employee, or partner access, you will need to “Request Access”
  6. In the navigation bar, click “Request Access” and chose the one that relates to your role.


An email will be sent to our Community Managers and your extra access will be granted in 24 business hours.





Do I have to make a new account?

You do not have to make a new account.


What do I do the first time I want to log in?

On March 5th, you can:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Log In” in the top, right-hand corner.
  3. Choose “Forgot username or password?”
  4. You will receive a message to your associated email account with 2 minutes.
  5. Follow the instructions.


What if I don’t receive an email?

Check your spam!


What if I don’t know what email my account is associated with?

Contact your Community Managers.


Is my username the same?

Usernames will stay the same except in the situations below.


Usernames will change if you have a special character. The following changes will be made.


If username is an email address:

If found to be an email (that is containing ‘@’), the part after ‘@’ is removed.

Example: Thus ‘’ becomes ‘TestUser’.


If username has unsupported characters (Lithium only supports: alphanumerics, dash and underscores):

All unsupported characters are replaced with underscores.

Example: ‘Test User’ (containing space not supported by default) becomes ‘Test_User’ and 'Testuser!' becomes 'Testuser_'


If username is more than 15 characters long:

The usernames are trimmed to the maximum length defined in input.cfg (15 characters OotB).

Example: ‘Very_Long_Test_User’ becomes ‘Very_Long_Test_’.


Duplicate Usernames:

Lastly, the usernames are verified to be unique and if found duplicate, a digital suffix is added at the end.

Example: ‘TestUser’, if already taken as username for existing user, becomes ‘TestUser1’ and any subsequent duplicates become 'TestUser2', etc.


If you would like to change your username prior to launch, please contact Nicole Guzzowith a username that is only made up of letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores, is less than 15 characters, and does not contain an @ sign.


What if I don’t know my username?

Click “Log In” and select “Forgot username.”


For a step by step process, review the answer to the question “What do I do the first time I want to log in?” above.


What will happen to my content? To all the content?

All content will be migrated over into the relaunched Community and distributed into the right spaces.


Will I still be able to like content, ask questions, start discussions, submit and vote on ideas?

  1. Yes.


Will the content I’m subscribed to move over?

The content will move over, but you will need to re-subscribe. There will be instructions on how to do that on launch day.


Will I lose my Jive Rewards points?

Technically, yes. But we are starting a new game that prioritizes solutions – questions submitted by the community and answered. All of your activity on Jive will get pulled over and will be scored with this new system. We think that the new system will push even more helpful engagement.


In terms of your current number of points, they won’t be exactly the same.


But, to recognize our best contributors, there will be multiple tiers of bonus points for our top customer users. This will bump those users up our new gamification rank system.


A guide on the new rank system will be available on launch day.





Will the names of any spaces change?

Yes. However, the naming convention will be straight forward. For example, under Product Discussions, we have a Mobile category. Underneath Mobile we have Mobile Ideas and Mobile Discussions.


There will also be a guide available on launch date.


How will I know where to find things?

There will be a guide available on launch date that goes into detail what you can find in each space.


What’s the ServiceMax Community Kitchen?

This is our community theme. Our tagline is “The perfect recipe for field service success.”


We decided that this community relaunch was the perfect time to introduce a new theme. The purpose of our community is to discuss and connect on all things field service and asset service management. Users asked for more challenges, more fun, more genuine connections across your peers. In response, we developed a theme to tie together our gamification, our emails, our community spirit, and off-topic discussions and challenges.


The idea here is whether you’re in the field, or in the kitchen, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to get to that final, flawless product: a working asset, an amazing meal. Your teams are working hard, and we want to provide a true community where you have peers you can rely on to support them and your customers.


How do I access the customer support portal?

You’ll be able to access the Customer Support Portal in the drop-down menu, under Support. The button will read “Log A Case”.


Is there a mobile app?

There is not a mobile app for our relaunched Community. However, Lithium invests in providing a great mobile view experience via a browser. We will be configuring spaces so those using a mobile device can see a streamlined community page.


For iPhone users, we suggest you “add it to your home screen.”


To do this you can:

  1. Open the Community on your phone’s Safari app
  2. Click the bookmark button
  3. Scroll to the right until you see a “Add to Home Screen” button, click it
  4. Click “Add” and it will appear on your iPhone’s page





Why did you choose Lithium?

Lithium can:

  • Address the features our customers wanted
  • Migrate all our users and their content
  • Be configured easily, and has a modern look and feel
  • Is focused on external communities
  • Demonstrate best practices through knowledge articles
  • Successfully run their own customer community


Will the community managers stay the same?

Yes. You can direct community related questions to Deirdre Yee and Nicole Guzzo.


Will the new Community be better than the old one?

While we appreciate and cherish the time and energy that went into the Jive-X platform, we are extremely excited to start this new chapter with Lithium. A new layout, more features, a cool theme – we predict this will be the greatest ServiceMax Community yet!

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Customer Success Team

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Another note, just to be super clear. Special characters includes periods. Which were the most common special character in our usernames.

So john.johnson becomes john_johnson

And some folks used their full email addresses: 

Per Nicole's explanation, above, that becomes bob_smith


Sorry to be repetitive, just wanted to make sure that was clear to all!!




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