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Gamification Feedback and Your Field Service Start [Community All Stars: August 11 2017]

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎08-11-2017 11:30 AM

It's clear that our transition to Jive Rewards was extremely successful, as we've seen many of you engaging and earning a ton of points this week! Want to see who is in the lead? Go and see the leaderboard!

One of our communityallstars‌ this week is Richard Lewis‌. As soon as we began using Jive Rewards, he went ahead and created a Jive Rewards Feedback‌ discussion for all of you. If you have questions or comments about the new system, place them here. We want to hear what you think about Jive Rewards - so thank you Richard for creating this open forum!

Another great conversation was started by Timothy Schrimpf: How Did you Get your Start in Field Service? What's awesome about this post is there is no right or wrong answer - it's just your answer. We've seen some awesome responses already, so go check it out, read how people got their start, and tell your story!

Don't forget, your engagement within the community not only provides you with the chance to become one of the communityallstars‌ but it also earns you points! For a full Jive Rewards update on earning points, read and 

Helpful tip: If you're looking for some ways to earn some points, here are a few polls you can engage with...




Community Manager
Community Manager

Check out the new badges and points you get when you're named a community all star: Update: New Badges and Points [Community All Stars: August 31 2017]

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Staff Chef

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