How to Become a ServiceMax Technology Partner

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A good alliance partnership brings value to both parties and strengthens the overall value of the combined solution to our joint customer. Technology can be complementary software solutions, integration tools, templates; hardware such as bar code scanners, or printers; Protective cases for mobile equipment, or ruggedized phones or laptops. It could be something critical to your business solution we haven’t identified yet.

The program is more than just a listing service, we provide documented use cases and offer a certification program that these use cases have been verified to work with ServiceMax, with video and supporting collateral to give you confidence to proceed. Where we have joint success stories with the technology we’ll publicize these too.

Helpful links to learn more about Technology Alliances:

     To learn how our Technology Alliance Program works please review the Technology Alliance Tiering document. 

     To view all of our partners and the how they are presented to customer please visit our Marketplace.

     To understand the ServiceMax Certification process visit our Certification Resource Center.

If you have a technology that should be part of the ServiceMax Technology Alliance Program then please contact us here.

Current Partners: Dive into the Partner Community Now!

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