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Your investment in ServiceMax is an investment in your customer’s success. For years we have seen ServiceMax help technicians move the needle for more and more customers.

For example, over one million people rely on Elekta’s medical devices. The technicians who work on Elekta’s medical devices have carried out over 600 preventative actions since implementation. This has resulted in over 14,000 uninterrupted treatments, which means patients in hospitals and medical offices are getting the service and procedures that they need.

As you continue to spend time, money, and energy on your customer’s success, we want to provide the tools that will help you improve their experience with your team.

One way we do this is through the ServiceMax Community. We’re excited to announce the changes we’ve been teasing for the last few months. The ServiceMax Community will relaunch the first week of March.


A Place for Field Service Experts

Over the last five years, the ServiceMax Community has evolved in size, functionalities, and even appearance. We have over 5,000 members, over 5,000 pieces of content, and countless examples of field service experts learning from one another. As this community has continued to grow and mature, our platform Jive has been a stable tool that has supported our goals.

Since Jive was acquired by Lithium in 2017, we decided to take a deeper dive into our users’ experience on the community, and how we can improve it. After understanding the future of our Jive platform and receiving feedback from our community members, we decided the best investment in our customers would be to invest in a new platform: Lithium (now known as Khoros).

A large reason why we chose Lithium was due to how the platform could address our customer’s feedback. It’s not just about the platform. We’re also rolling out a series of initiatives that directly address what you’ve been telling us. Below, I outline the three main themes we saw across their suggestions, and how we plan to address them in our relaunch of the ServiceMax Community.


The Community User’s Voice

Our community users want more people and more engagement in the Community.

In order to receive more eyes on our content, we are un-gating our discussion forums. Previously, our main space for discussions (Network and Share) was private, so only ServiceMax customers and employees could see and engage with the content.

By un-gating the discussion forums, search engines will be able to discover these threads, and bring more attention and users to the ServiceMax Community. Have you ever Googled for something ServiceMax related, but found nothing? By making our community discussions visible, any relatable threads and pieces of content will appear in search engine results.

This will be the biggest, most impactful change to our relaunched Community. We want to make sure that Community members understand that members of the public will be able to see anything you post in our discussion forum. If you have concerns or questions about this, comment on this blog, or talk to your ServiceMax account owner. Like so many B2B technology communities, we will benefit the wisdom of the crowd and will keep a few private, customer only spaces. Not all areas will be visible to the public. Our Knowledge Base and critical support announcements will remain solely for our customer base. Access to content around user groups, events, and training courses will also be more exclusive.

Our community users want easier ways to find content.

We decided to create a navigation menu that is clearer and more concise. There will be a category for:

  • Product discussions
  • Supporting documents
  • Community initiatives & ServiceMax announcements
  • Events
  • ServiceMax partners

Specifically, our product discussions will be broken down into four categories:

  • Work Planning & Scheduling
  • Mobile
  • Service Flow Manager (SFM)
  • Other Features and Tools.

This will allow our users to navigate discussions and ideas by product, as opposed to searching for key words in one big discussion forum.

A few other features that will improve how to find content include:

  • More search filters like how many views, likes, or replies a piece of content has
  • A distinction between content that has or has not been viewed
  • The ability to pin content to the top of a space for easy access

Our community users want to find the most valuable content, fast.

This new platform is extremely solution oriented. The entire infrastructure and the way we are organizing our gamification will prioritize solutions. Community members will earn the most points when they are addressing the questions other members have submitted.

In order to earn more points, and rank up, you must provide solutions; this means you answer a question, and your answer is marked as a solution by the original author.

By basing our gamification program on the sharing of solutions, we hope to see more answers across the community.

There will also be a leaderboard per each space, as well as for the whole community. If you’re looking for an expert in work planning & scheduling, check out that category space and see who’s been providing the most solutions.


Coming Soon

While you are making your customers happy, we want to make sure we are investing in tools, every day, quarter, year to make OUR customers happy and raving fans. ServiceMax is excited about this project, and we hope you are too. Stay tuned for more information regarding the relaunch of the ServiceMax Community. And a big shout out and thank you to our early adopters!

Fry Chef mmoran
Fry Chef

Exciting news.  Glad to see the investment in the community!

Customer Success Team

This is great news!  What time is launch?  I want to set my alarm to make the first comment on the new Community.

Hmmmm......I'm sensing a badge and a competition!

Customer Success Team

wow! So many cool changes!  I’m excited. Sounds awesome. Will there be a customer-facing announcement with this info?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yes! Customers will receive email prior to the launch!

Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Looking forward to it. I am also interested in the more detailed timing for when the launch is. Maybe a glass of champagne is called for?

Thanks Nicole Guzzo​ and Deirdre Yee

Sushi Chef hans_vanmil
Sushi Chef

Very Nice!

I wish All Community Members and the ServiceMax Team a lot of success with the relaunch of the Community!

Thanks Nicole Guzzo and Deirdre Yee

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

Guy TanguayJune Tracy​  Thought this might be of interest!  Community relaunch is coming!

Customer Success Team

Dave AveryRoni Kullachanda​  Heads up .... great changes coming to the Community!

Customer Success Team

Adam HomolyRoxanne Crawford​  Wanted to make you aware of changes coming to the Community!

Customer Success Team

Russ HammondJeff GordonFlint Chandler​  Please note that exciting changes are coming to the Community!

Customer Success Team

And a big thanks to you, Hans van Mil​, and our other active Community users!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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