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‎01-19-2018 09:27 AM

Our communityallstars​ this week are Nick Sauer​, Simon Chan​, and Adam Cooper​. They each demonstrated a key component of this community: collaboration.

Nick submitted an idea on adding page breaks and preview options to output documents, and Scott, a Community All Star from last week, replied with possible workarounds. Collaborating around new ideas is great because users can learn other ServiceMax tips and tricks or reasons for the idea become even more apparent. These types of conversations also help our Product Team better understand your ideas.

Simon asked a question to our Network and Share community. Can a table in an output document disappear if there is no values entered? Adam shared Coca-Cola European Partner's strategy, which has sparked Simon's interest! This Community not only serves as a place to share your experience, but also is a space where you can learn something new.

Can a table in Smart Doc to be disappeared / hidden by condition - IF

Where else can you learn something new? Definitely our upcoming Design Time! To be added onto a calendar invite, RSVP to the event here: Design Time: Checklists 2.0

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