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‎08-14-2018 11:11 AM

At ServiceMax, we not only cherish the relationships with build with our customers, but with our partners as well. We understand that one-size does not fit all when it comes to field service management, so that's where our partners come in.

Specifically, for enterprise organizations that need to ensure that their field employees are able to reliably execute tasks using mobile devices, we have a partner solution that you should consider: ProntoForm's Prototype Service package. This package facilities process standardization, asset-centric service, and agility and adaptability.

If interested, sign up for a ProntoForms subscription for 25 users & get the ProntoForms $15,000 get-started “Prototype Service” package for $7,500. This package is ideal for enterprise organizations that need to ensure their field employees are able to reliably execute complex inspections, checklists, and forms using mobile devices. "Equipping technicians in the field with advanced tools for mobile data collection allows them to capture richer data in the field, adding nuance to predictive capabilities found in FSM and APM workflows," ProntoForms CEO & Founder Alvaro Pombo explains in a recent blog.

If this is something you and your company are interested in learning more about, comment below, or reach out to Mike Kavanagh directly!

More about ProntoForms:

ProntoForms eliminates the last paper forms accompanying work orders, and integrates seamlessly with ServiceMax on the device and in the Cloud, enabling technicians to improve the speed, quality, and flexibility of task execution in the field with configurable Smart Mobile Forms. Launched seamlessly from the ServiceMax app, conditional logic guides technicians through work processes, displaying only information that is relevant for the task at hand, minimizing visual clutter. Contextual hand-off pre-populates critical information, including equipment details, service history data, and more, reducing errors during data collection. Rich and dynamic content can be captured, including; location-based pick lists, photos and sketches, audio, data operations and calculations, date/time and GPS stamps, and more. Visit their profile on the ServiceMax Marketplace.

Learn more about our Premier Partner Program and the partners involved, like ProntoForms.


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