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‎03-04-2019 04:37 PM

This month we'd like to focus on enabling our users to create more types of great, new content. Right now, most of our users only have the ability to submit questions and discussion threads. However, by the end of February we want our customers to be able to write blogs and create polls.


Where do we want to see your content? We'd love to share your voice in our customer user groups. By sharing your thoughts and knowledge and collaborating with other customers, we'll get a better understanding of what we should focus on during our upcoming Maximize user groups.




So during this month, I'll be revamping our three user groups (West Coast, East Coast, EMEA) and enabling your content creation abilities (with how-to's).


So what can you do first? I created a discussion thread, Share your knowledge in a blog post.​ with some questions and topics that seem to be popular in our Community.  I hope after reading that content, if you're an expert at any of the topics, you'll be inspired to write something small for us.




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