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‎01-03-2018 12:16 PM

At the beginning of a new year, many people feel like they're able to start fresh again. "New year, new me," right?

Well not here! We like who the ServiceMax Community was at the end of 2017, so we're not quite starting fresh. Nevertheless, we do want to constantly improve who we are and what kind of experience we provide, so we decided to embark on a new program of Monthly Community Goals.

Within the first few days of a month, I'll share a blog with you explaining the focus of those 30 days. It will be a helpful way for our team to stay on top of projects we want to deliver to the community, and also an easy way for you to share your thoughts on specific initiatives.

January 2018: Social Media Synergy

Staying Up To Date, Sharing More, & Strengthening Relationships

  • Staying Up To Date: We share a lot of news and updates on the community. For example, we posted about Maximize U.S. in 2018 right when we got the news: Maximize 2018. Still, some of our social media platforms share more consistently throughout the day. We don't want you to feel like you have to travel to multiple sites to hear real-time news and information from ServiceMax, so we want to bring aspects of our social platforms here.

  • Sharing More: Sharing is a vital life skill. We're taught from a young age that it is important to bring valuable and entertaining content to others, as it's a part of growing relationships. If you found a useful conversation or blog on this community, we want you to be able to share it wherever, whenever you want. We believe there should be more eyes on our content.

  • Strengthening Relationships: We've only seen who you are on the ServiceMax Community platform. Do you live tweet at field service conferences? Do you blog on LinkedIn? Do you post fun photos, videos, or GIFs? Are you sharing content on other social media sites that some other users may benefit from? We want to make it easy to instantly connect with other ServiceMax users anywhere and anytime.
    • We added two profile fields: Linkedin URL & Twitter Username. If you fill out these fields (or one if you only have one) you will be rewarded with a badge and points.
    • To receive the badge, go to your profile, click Rewards, scroll down to Available Quests, select the light blue social one, and mark complete (it will be below Your Progress). I will then verify that you accurately completed the quest.

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While this post does not lay out a specific to-do list for us, we already have a vision on how we can make these goals happen. Follow this blog to read updates throughout the month!


Are you on social networking sites? Do you engage with businesses via social media? Do you use certain platforms for certain types of information? (Example: I use Twitter to share my thoughts on current events in the world and in pop culture.)

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Community Manager
Community Manager

If you look scroll down to the bottom of blog posts or discussions, you should see a few buttons that allow you to share these posts on other social media sites. Feel free to share whatever you think your followers will benefit from!

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