Monthly Community Goal: July

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Last month we were focused on following people, this month we are focused on following SPACES.


There are various spaces in our Community. Each have a different purpose and provide different content for different people. Here's some examples:

  • Field Service Network - a place where ANYONE who is passionate about field service and wants to learn more can come together. Whether you are one of our customers, a guest who only knows a little about ServiceMax and field service technologies, or one of our talented and skilled partners, you can contribute to the content that lives here.
  • Network and Share - Exclusive to ServiceMax customers, partners, and employees, this place is for questions and discussions topics on field service, or really on whatever you want!
  • Mobile Updates​, Scheduling Updates​, Critical Product Updates​, or any Product Hub​ space - This is where our Product Managers post updates on product, releases, or any major announcements you need to know about.
  • Knowledge​ - Our Knowledge Master, ServiceMax Knowledge​, authors and updates articles weekly for our customers. This is where you want to review documentation on various ServiceMax features and processes.


Our goal this month is to get you all to follow some spaces! When you click "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner, and you choose Inbox, you'll receive updates into your Community inbox. Whatever you choose to follow, the new posts or updates will appear in your weekly Community emails, which should come around Thursday.


Following a space is a great way to stay in tune with what's going on.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Whooo! Posted this less than 24 hours ago and we already have a ton of completions - s/o to some of our users including Norbert Schmitz​, Sharath Satheesh​, Richard Lewis​, and Michael Majerus​!!

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Community Manager

Hidenori TanakaBao NguyenMasaki IwamotoRinkal SaliaToni LouBen WortleyCamden Hill​ As of today, you all are some of the newest community members! Looking for an easy way to earn some points and a badge? Follow a space! See the blog post above.

PS - welcome to the ServiceMax Community

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