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Monthly Community Goal: November

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎03-04-2019 04:29 PM

The season of giving is among us, and at ServiceMax we're working really hard to give you a community that'll help you with your service needs.


From the organization of content, to the physical design, to the way you search - we're evaluating all of it with the plan to give you something greater than what we already have going.


Over the last few weeks, many of you have shared what you want to see improved - thank you! It's great to see that our users take the time to stop what they're doing, evaluate the community, and provide helpful feedback. It shows you care, and we appreciate it.


One feature that we want to focus on is our gamification system.


What do you want to see gamified? What actions? What do you think deserves the most points?


For example, when you comment on a post, you earn 2 points, when you vote on an idea, you earn 2 points, and if your response to a question is marked as corrected, you earn 8 points.


But we also have other challenges, like if you complete this goal, you'll earn 50 points, or if you fill out the social media fields on your profile, you earn 35 points. (See Monthly Community Goal: January )


So we want to know, what actions deserve points? What do you think deserves the most points? Comment below, and you'll earn 50 points.


While you're here, tell us your favorite game you like to play! A board game? A game on your phone? A video game? A childhood game?

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Hello Nicole Guzzo​. Thanks for working to make the Community more engaging and fun!

I think the relative points given for the items you mentioned could be readjusted. For a "Like", I think both users should get (1) point (content originator & the "liker"). Comments should earn users 5 points as they take time to compose. (2) points makes sense for voting for an Idea, but for creating an Idea, I think 10 points makes sense.

"Correct" answers are much more valuable to the Community- I would reward the Correct Commenter with 20 points. The actual number of points given for these items could be different, but I think this is the correct relative scaling for these items.

As an enhancement to the points system, I think it woud be nice for Community users to be able to "reward" a user with points via a new kind of badge. They could either be allotted specific badges each calendar year or earn them through the year. That way if a user really helped another user in the Community or even offline via an email or phone call, a user could reward them with a badge worth let's say 50 points.

Another idea I had is to allow users to cash in points for ServiceMax gear like T-Shirts, Hats, Jackets or even an hour with a Maxpert. I'd spend points on those items!

One of my favorite board games is called Cathedral. It's quick to learn and games don't take hours like Monopoly...

gamification​ servicemax community​ points​


Hi Nicole Guzzo

I support Michael Majerus comments, especially the one regarding adding more points for comments posted, as the members take quite some time and effort to go through and share their feedback to assist on issues or drive conversations.

Another suggestion would be to split the points for the idea depending on the stage of the idea. Eg: When the idea is created, 7 points, once it reaches a threshold where it is picked up for product review - 3 points and once it is implemented 5 points.

I would love to also see some knowledge sessions with mini tests (similar to SFDC trailheads), which when completed could earn users some points or badges. You could use the knowledge content that is currently available as a web page or a pdf and convert it into modular learning. I think it would promote a healthy learning experience and also push the community members to learn and understand about the facets of the product that they are unaware of and probably help them to rethink areas of customized functionalities that the product could replace with OOTB features.

One of my favorite child hood board games was Scrabble - Wikipedia  . Its a fun game and makes you want to improve your vocabulary especially when you are up against your elder siblings or parents :-)

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi Nicole Guzzo​, there are some good ideas already shared. I have also shared a number in the past.

I would like to see in the community who is certified on ServiceMax, basic and advanced admin. Maybe these should just be badges or possibly something different. It would help to assess answers given on posts as being certified gives good credibility. Of course points would be good to award for these as an added well done to people when completing the training.

Possibly a similar thing to have some badges for Salesforce certifications but with a minimal low amount of points and mostly showing the badges for information.

Another idea I have mentioned before is:

How about a badge or mission or similar for the community biggest climber in points. You could exclude to top 5 or top 10 in the leaderboard from this as they are already the most active or include them if you prefer. Also you could decide to include or exclude ServiceMax employees or have two separate winners. It could be weekly or monthly. Or it could be a one off like your social media badge last month.

I think the main thing here would be to gear it to engaging those who aren't active or aren't very active to make them more active.

Another way you could go about it would be to export the leaderboard at the start of the month and then again at the end and base it on the number of places they have moved up it. This would benefit new members more. You could also have this as well as with the points badges above.

To make it more inclusive you could have a top 5 instead of just one person for each.

I used to enjoy playing Mahjong with my family.

Regards, Richard