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Hi all. We want to make sure we're providing the easiest, cleanest path for you to share and find information here.

So, we want to get your honest feedback on the user experience of the ServiceMax Community.

What works? What's confusing?

Some questions we want feedback on include:

- Do you want to see discussions organized by topic?

- Do you want to see designated product discussion areas?

- Does the top navigation bar make sense?

- How should user group spaces be organized - by location, by your stage in the customer lifecycle?

We'll add more questions to this thread as we see responses roll in!

This is very important to us. Let us know what you think about the structure and flow of this community. We plan to implement changes and improvements over the next few months!

Looking forward to your responses

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Community Manager

I'm @mentioning some of our top users - when you have a chance, let us know your thoughts on the organization and structure of the community! We want to make some changes, but we want to make them based on your feedback.


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Nicole Guzzo​ I mostly love the structure and experience when I find time to visit. I think the only thing I would change is putting a direct link to All Places on the home page. I find myself navigating into a page just to bounce out to the All Places link at the top so I can get to the full list of discussion areas.

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Community Manager

Thanks for your response! When you say All Places link, do you mean here /community/network-share/content ? So an easier way to get to all the content, specifically the discussions - noted!

Grill Chef timothy_schrimp
Grill Chef
Roast Chef sonia_genesse
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Hi Nicole,

I think the item I search for the most and can never find details on is a ServiceMax Release Schedule. This would be helpful for planning purposes.



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Community Manager

So easier access to product information, like ServiceMax Release Schedules!

Pastry Chef russjaco
Pastry Chef

Hi Nicole

That's a tough question as its almost down to what mood i'm in, and how much of a hurry I'm in. To be honest i don't try and navigate my way through the community board that much, as i do find it confusing, i mainly use the search facility (i liken it to the internet, if i want data i google it), so if i have a recommendation it is to make the searching system is as robust as it can be.

One thing i do like is the recent activities on the home page, i make a point of going through them whenever i can, somes kind of trending topic as a sidebar list would be helpful (please don't tell me its already there )

Keep up the good work



I think we need a release schedule and updates structured similar to the iOS release notice and support/notes section on the Support page.  It should show all releases in active maintenance window and a set number of upcoming release with either a date of release or targeted date of release and a link to the release notes and any other supporting documentation.

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Community Manager

This is great! The search bar is important, so make it robust, and easy access to recent activity or trending topics - I like this! Thank you!

Pastry Chef mmajerus6
Pastry Chef

Hello Nicole Guzzo​. I try to spend about 5 - 10 minutes each day both learning from and responding to posts that I can help with. So my main focus in the community is finding real user issues/answers quickly. I like the Recent Activity section as it's a quick place to see what's happening in the user-base. I would like it to be more prominent though. In my opinion, the Recent Blog Posts take up too much space. They are mostly written by SMax and seem more like general news rather than time-sensitive updates. I do read through them sometimes, but maybe not as relevant on the front page center.

As a user, I would like to see relevant questions, issues, and discussions from other users that might affect my company in one place. Maybe these could be 'promoted' by the Community manager to appear in a new 'Trending' section. Items like the upcoming Chrome update to Flash is a prime example that should be front and center on the home page until it's resolved. Right now that's buried in a discussion but will affect all SMax users globally starting next week. Could we have a separate Trending section as well as the Recent Activity section? The difference being that Trending would include questions and discussions that are promoted for a period, whereas recent activity is chronological and shows the most current activity.

From a screen real-estate standpoint, I would swap the Recent Activity for the Recent Blog position on the home page and make the search section smaller. Between using the search bar and the upper right-hand Navigation links, I'm not sure how much value the 'Maximize, Browse, Educate, and About' section adds. I do like the use of white-space on the site.

The goal would be to have users land on the home page and see the most relevant topics for them without excessive scrolling. My other wish-list items would be to have mobile releases and topics easier to find from the home page.

Thank you again Nicole for asking for input. The ServiceMax Community is a great resource for the global user-base which I can see growing more and more robust over time!

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Please share any links on Time Sheets

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