Reflections on My First Day at ServiceMax (aka Maximize Day 1)

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The last Maximize event was in 2013 and marked my very first day at ServiceMax.  Talk about an eye-opener!  I was fortunate enough to attend our annual special event with such successful and collaborative customers.  Since it was my first day, I was encouraged to just be a sponge and take everything in. As I did not have a lot of responsibilities at the event,  I met as many customers, partners, and ServiceMax people I could.  By the end of the first day, I was exhausted!   Admittedly, I didn’t know much about field service when I started, other than from a homeowner perspective.  I came from the ERP/HR software world and thought that field service was mainly about work orders.  I now realize how wrong I was!  After that week, I remember leaving Maximize thinking that I never met a more passionate group of people who were so eager and hungry to talk about field service and who felt responsible for truly elevating field service to the next level. It was my affirmation that I made the right choice to be here!

Fast forward to May 2015…I will be at Maximize 2015 and I’m looking forward to hearing the impressive customers’ use of ServiceMax, networking with our partners, prospects and my fellow ServiceMax colleagues.  Will you be attending?

I guarantee that you will leave the event with better energy, learn fantastic ideas you can act on, and meet many more people in your circle who have walked the same road as you!  If you are having a hard time justifying the trip, take a look at some of the points my colleague Jeremy Frank talks about in his justification  (you can meet more ServiceMax employees and customers in two days than you could the rest of the year!).  Need some more reasons to attend? 

  • Hear directly from ServiceMax customers best practices, tips & tricks, and actual results from their field service transformation
  • Meet 1:1 with ServiceMax product experts, professional services and customer support
  • Attend hands on training for ServiceMax customers (admins, dispatchers, technicians, and more)
  • Get to know like-minded peers from similar industries, companies, titles

From my perspective now, as someone who is showcasing our best customers, I can honestly say that there is something for everyone – every role, every stage of implementation, every size customer.  There will be several tracks including Revenue and Growth, Field Service Management, Technology and Applications, integration and Small Business.   This year the ServiceMax MaxChoice Customer Awards will be presented and awarded to our best customers.  Come witness this ‘first’ and meet the people behind the success!  Nominations are still open through April 10, 2015!

Our past surveys have taught us that customers find that they most enjoyed learning about how customers have succeeded with ServiceMax and networking with fellow customers, partners and ServiceMax experts, not to mention incredibly fun evening events!

Please join us! Visit the Maximize site for session descriptions and registration!  I hope to see you at Maximize 2015

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I'm looking forward to attending Maximize and getting an opportunity to meet our ServiceMax team and other passionate, innovative customers!

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