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What's great about this community is it's filled with ServiceMax super users who are able to answer each other's questions. As a part of February's goal we'd love to partner with our super users to answer more questions, and create blog posts covering common topics. Below are a few subjects we've seen throughout this space, do you have any responses to these topics?

Enabling Flexible Views for Scheduling

Which filters are useful in scheduling technicians?

What would your dispatchers use most often?

Is date range the most common use case? Or region? Or skills? 

How do you set default views?

How do you train the team who is dispatching?

Viewing the Dispatch Console

Who do you want to be able to quickly review the field team schedule?

Which stakeholders? Why?

What's important for them to see immediately?

What privacy and edit limitations are essential?

Using Multiple Devices

What devices are you on?

Has anyone ever had to make separate SFMs for different devices?

What about multiple device types used concurrently by a single user - does this cause any syncing issues or confusion for users perhaps?

Does anyone have a specific use cases for the FSA app + multiple devices?


Can we make a field in SFM ready only after we save the record?

Can you limit the techs' access to the picklist field, but still have the SFM update the value?

Is it possible to create an SFM on a Salesforce standard object such as Opportunities?

Do you experience navigation issues when filling out new fields?

Displaying Data

How do you share your dashboards?

Are they displayed anywhere in your offices?

Who are your usual viewers?

Do we need a dedicated license to display our dashboards?

How do you automatically refresh the dashboards?

Or is it manual? Any extensions that need to be enabled?

Utilizing ServiceMax

If you use a work order sign off document, do all your engineers utilize it?

Or do you have a few engineers using a web browser?

How do you work with or try to train engineers who cannot use the ServiceMax apps?

Do you have any success cases?

After reading these, did you automatically think of a few answers? Of an example? Of what your organization is currently doing? Share it all below, or @mention another you know will have a great response! If your expertise falls in one of these areas, or another one not mentioned, we can work together to create a useful blog post, with all your tips, tricks, and examples!

Want to see an example? Check out Richard Lewis​' blog posts  Field Service Heroes: Working in ServiceMax Better & Faster [blog series]​ & Field Service Heroes: Working in ServiceMax Better & Faster [Salesforce Navigation]​!

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