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‎03-08-2018 04:07 PM

We recently relaunched our User Groups at ServiceMax​, so we're excited to see some activity picking up there! Our first communityallstar​ of the week is Mary Lou Jelinek​, since she started the conversation!

Mark Varley​ replied, ready to share, but because of Mary Lou's interest in follow-up surveys, Brenden Burkinshaw​ of zip industries​ was able to share some of his insight from their newly launched survey program.

This thread is just a small, very small, peek into what our user groups are actually like. To learn more about our upcoming sessions, check out our Maximize Tour 2018.

One topic we're looking to learn more about during the Maximize user groups is change and transition management. Which stakeholder is the most important to get 'on board' for a new release/feature or project? We'd love you to answer below, or respond to this poll:

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