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‎03-23-2018 10:15 AM

Around 65% of the population consists of visual learners, which means these people learn best when they see! Do you consider yourself a visual learner? I definitely am, so screenshots and graphs are my best friends.

It's great to see community members using screenshots to share their knowledge. For example, Casey Palmer​ shared images of a rule in order to help Melanie McKinley​'s technicians who sometimes mix up AM & PM or switch the start and end times on their labor lines. You can see it here: Negative line qty on debrief labor lines

Here's a few other posts where visuals are helpful:

How can I email the Service Report from FSA using GMail?

Trigger fails to call a helper class with signature error

Smart Doc - Field Visibility iOS App

Images aren't always necessary, but they are definitely helpful. If you see a question or a discussion that would benefit from a screenshot, share away!

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