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What Two Mugs of Tea and A Good Book Taught Me

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‎12-02-2015 03:37 PM

It’s a running joke in my family that I’m always starting sentences with, “I’ve just read this fabulous book…” and then proceeding to tell them about it whether they’ve asked me or not. So when I got the chance to write a blog, of course I wanted to talk about my latest great read, “A Diamond In The Rough: Unleashing The Power of Field Service Transformation” by our very own Patrice Eberline Vice President of Global Customer Transformation for ServiceMax.

For those of us who work in field service, it’s easy to think it’s a subject we already know all about, but this book is full of gems that will make your knowledge on the subject even richer. Even Kevin Ashton, technology pioneer, founding Executive Director of MIT’s Executive Auto-ID Centre, fellow author, and Father of the Internet of Things, says, “Eberline’s book should help anybody working in service management better understand the opportunities – and the risks – the Internet of Things presents.”

And that’s exactly what it gave me - a better understanding, not just of IoT, but of the power field service can have on an organisation. For example, is there a currency of field service management? If so, what is it, and how do we capture it? As an aside, if you’re looking for a great real world example of capturing this sort of currency in action, then check out the new video from John Cooper, General Manager of Professional Services for Sony Professional Services Europe.

The book has a whole chapter dedicated to business value realisation, which is a hot topic for most companies in the throes of actively embracing field service management.  It’s human nature to want to know how your company’s results compare to your peers, and how benefits and improvements should be calculated. The book not only has a chapter all about this subject, but also includes a case study example that spells it out.

Success is a strong theme throughout this book – whether it’s measuring it, comparing it or achieving transformational success through strong adoption practices. Eberline’s book not only spells out nine keys to adoption, but also includes guidelines for successful executive sponsorship. After all, it’s the techs in the field that must embrace and adopt any new technology, and that will only happen if it comes from the top.  

This book is a quick and easy 60-minute read – about 100 pages – you can literally finish it in one sitting (or two mugs of tea and one flight in my case). I particularly enjoyed the cartoons, which reflect some of the funny real-life situations ServiceMax technicians have encountered. It was worth the read just for the cartoons.

If you would like to meet the author, join Patrice and her team, on Tuesday 26 January for Special Community Hour with Patrice Eberline, Author of “A Diamond in the Rough”live virtual event and chat with her team.  Plus the first 5 customers or guests to register will have a chance to receive their own personally signed copy of the book!  Registration will be open shortly!  Keep an eye out on the community…. (Timing to reserve your diary:  15.30 UK / 16.30 CET / 07.30 PST).

Happy reading!

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Sarah Lloyd Parry - Senior Director of Marketing, ServiceMax Europe

Sarah Lloyd Parry