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‎08-24-2016 02:36 PM

Who is ServiceMax?

It’s a question I’ve been slowly trying to answer during my time at this company. I was excited to gain more insight into this question as I walked into the On-Boarding | ServiceMax Way program. IMG_3976.jpgDave Yarnold, our CEO, would be explaining to the group who ServiceMax is and it’s history. As a no-corporate-world-experience intern, the term CEO has an intimidating connotation. The CEO is the big guy (or girl), the head honcho, the big cheese of a company. I wasn’t sure if I should expect a presentation filled with numbers and metrics or a discussion on future plans, or potentially both.

From the company’s beginning at Dreamforce 8 years ago, to our incredible growth, that made us the fastest growing field service software company in history, Dave touched on a variety of topics about our history and journey forward. By focusing on people, processes, products and promises and placing that all on top of the Salesforce app cloud, ServiceMax has designed a system that the people of the field service world need. Dave emphasized that the products and solutions are incredibly innovative, yet the company doesn’t take as much credit as it deserves. But it doesn’t stop here. Dave wants to expand field service education into universities and create various teaching programs for the future.

It’s this passion and the innovative system that makes ServiceMax, well, ServiceMax. “This combination differentiates us from our competitors” explained Dave. He not only applauded how people at ServiceMax “geek out” about the products and plans, but he essentially “geeked out” talking about it! His excitement was infectious.

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Yes, he’s the CEO of a growing, innovative high tech company. And yes, he had a lot of impressive metrics and numbers to share with us.  But I was encouraged to see how down to earth Dave was. With values like respect and humility, Dave and the whole team are out to take advantage of the opportunities field service provides, and to help our customers do the same. His love for the company shined through. And he is definitely a great representation of who ServiceMax is: passionate, competitive, visionary and most importantly customer focused.

Community members: What was your first impression of ServiceMax?

What made an impression? Who, here in the community, have you had great conversations with?

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