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‎08-11-2017 10:18 AM

The ServiceMax Community is an external collaboration platform, with ServiceMax customers as our primary focus and audience. But it’s not just customer contacts in these forums! Content posted here is shared from across ServiceMax customers, partners, and employees. It is a great tool for considering new approaches, sharing advice, and asking questions to learn and share with the members.

When content is shared as a part of ServiceMax Knowledge or our Release Notes, that is official documentation and advice from the ServiceMax team that goes through rigorous review prior to publication. You should hold this content to a higher standard than a suggestion in a discussion forum.


 Work arounds in discussion forums

We want these forums to be interactive, dynamic, updated as fast as members are responding. We also want to enable the community members to lead the conversations. We don’t want to micromanage or stifle collaboration. This inevitably leads to some risk. Not all ideas are great. Not all work arounds are advisable in every situation. We don’t commit that every post on these forums is the best possible advice for your system. This is true across tech forums and message boards, and it’s true here in the community.


As with any discussion forum, you will need to use your judgement to assess which advice you’ll take and what makes sense for your business. Please take recommendations and work arounds with a grain of salt.


Here are some more guidelines on the ServiceMax Community Platform: Guidelines for This Community

Please share any thoughts, comments or feedback on community posts, release notes, knowledge articles, who’s here in the community, or your thoughts on this platform in the comment section below.

And thanks again for all of your work adding value and sharing expertise here in the ServiceMax Community!

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

Ramesh KotamareddyNick Sauer​  Just wanted to make sure you were had the chance to review this.

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

Michael Majerus​ FYI on the newly published disclaimer regarding workarounds.

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