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‎03-05-2019 03:09 PM

Updated: 3/5/19

Images broken in the ServiceMax Community? See if this helps!

Some customers have found that they can’t see all the community images since we migrated. This can include avatars, next to each username, images embedded in blogs, or rank icons. This should be a temporary issue, clearing your cache can help.


Here’s another fix:  

If you see a number of broken images, follow these steps to fix them. Again, this is a temporary issue, the images will migrate over to in the next few days. Here’s a fix for right now:

  1. If you see a broken image (With a ‘?’ in a blue box or torn image icon depending on your browser) right click or control click on the image
  2. Select open image in new tab
  3. The image will either have a url that begins with
  4. When you open the new tab, you may see a warning about the certificate or the website being un-secure. This is the tab with the image you’ve opened in the new url. Show details!Unknown.png5. If you expand details and then click to ‘visit the website’ (Safari) or ‘ continue to site’ (Chrome) or a similar message to proceed you’ll load the image and all other images in the community.Unknown-1.png6. Refresh any pages with broken images!




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