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Updated: 4/10/19 

We currently have four Idea Exchanges in the Community: 

Sorting Through the Idea Exchange

In the various Idea Exchanges, you can sort the content by:

  • Trending Ideas: A combination of recency and likes
  • Top Ideas: Most liked, to least liked
  • New Ideas: The most recent published ideas
  • Recent Comments: What's been most recently commented on, including status update comments

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Submit an Idea 

  1. Decided what product category it falls under. For clarification on what each category is focused on, view the list of topics on the category page. Example: Other Features & Tools category page 
  2. Once you’re in the right Idea Exchange, click “Submit an Idea” 
  3. Enter your idea subject. 
  4. As you’re typing, take note of the suggestions provided. Do you see a similar idea to what you want to submit? 
  5. If yes, view that idea. Vote on their idea. Comment on their idea. 
  6. If no, continue filling out your idea submission. 
  7. Once you fill out the form, choose a label from the right-hand side. Every idea requires a predefined label chosen by our Product Team.  
  8. You can choose more than one label, but please only choose the relevant labels. 
  9. Click post. 

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What is an enhancement vs a defect? 

Defect: A definable problem within the code or database layer of a software application that causes the application to not work as expected or give incorrect output.Existing functionality or feature that is not serving its expected purpose (i.e., it's broken) or lacking *critical* functionality to accomplish a particular task.  

Enhancement: Adding new functionality or changing existing functionality in a way that makes the software application more efficient, faster, more usable, more useful, and/or more desirable.  (Makes the application subjectively and/or objectively "better"). Not a defect, but a better way to achieve an already existing functionality or a useful extension to an already existing functionality. 


What to include in your idea: 

Include details on what you want, why you want it, who it affects, and how your idea can improve a field service business. Fill out all of the fields. Be expansive! This is your soapbox. 

In the idea description, convince other community members why this is important, and how it can drive business results and success. 


  • Idea title 
  • Idea description 
  • What underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea? 
  • How is this problem being addressed today, if at all? 

ServiceMax Product Management has shared the following topics that you can represent in your Idea Description. All of these will be relevant to the development of any functionality and may help convince other customers that they share this need: 

More Questions from Product Team: 

What is the business problem/opportunity you are trying solve? 

What is the impact on the organization? Is it measurable/quantifiable? 

Who are the roles/personas who are affected? 

What task are they trying to perform and why? 

What is the frequency of the task?  


Idea Stages 

Your idea will be marked with a stage to reflect its current status: 

Active: A new idea that has not yet been reviewed, it is new or it has not achieved enough votes to be a top idea yet. It has not yet been updated with another stage. Open for voting. 

Product Team Review: The product team is currently evaluating the idea and will update with details on next steps. Open for voting. 

Under Consideration: The idea has been reviewed and queued for scheduling. Open for voting. 

On The Roadmap: The ideas has been scheduled for delivery. Open for voting. 

Delivered: Delivered as part of a release 

Not planned: The idea has been reviewed and is considered unlikely for inclusion in the backlog. The Product team will comment with more details. 

Duplicate: This is the same as another idea, or very similar. We will close and link to the existing idea. 


Questions About The Process 

  • What product is the Ideas Exchange for? 

This process is for ideas (or enhancement requests) for all ServiceMax products and solutions 


  • What are the Idea Exchanges? 

The Idea Exchanges are areas in our ServiceMax Community where customers can submit new ideas for innovation and improvement of ServiceMax. 

They provide vehicles for customers to collaborate with one another on ideas and enhancement requests and receive feedback from the community. It allows for peers to like ideas or submit feedback to make existing ideas even better. The highest-voted ideas will be analyzed/scoped closely and considered for a future release. 


  • Should I search for a similar idea? 

Yes! Before submitting an idea, take the time to scroll through the Idea Exchange you’re in and see if there’s a duplicate idea. When you’re creating an idea and typing the title, you’ll also be given related idea suggestions. It’s important to avoid duplicating ideas, as they won’t get the same voting power! 


  • What will Product Management do? 

Product Managers will regularly review all top voted ideas, engage in discussions around them and update the status if and roughly when they might be rolled into the product. 


  • What are the goals behind the Idea Exchanges? 

Increased Transparency: You will see how other customers feel about their Enhancement Requests, when they weigh in on their own experience and opinion. You will also see how ServiceMax and development teams plan to proceed if the idea is vetted by the community. Lastly, you will also get a sense of other ideas being submitted. 

Increased Accountability: ServiceMax Product team will be responsible to provide feedback on those ideas that are top voted. Customers can see if their enhancement request is a shared request across the community. 

Brainstorm to Improve Ideas and Prioritize Updates: Customers can evaluate which ideas are the most important for their ServiceMax implementation and vote, share, and comment to gain support in the community. 

Community Assessment of Ideas: All ideas that have been well supported by the community will see a feedback combination of Customer, Support, and Product Management. 


  • What can I expect from this process? 

This is for Ideas, Enhancement Requests, Requests for new functionality added to the product, not for support cases.  The policy for submitting support cases has not changed.  Support cases should be submitted directly to the Customer Support Portal 

Ideas will be visible to anyone who visits the Community. However, customers, partners, and ServiceMax employees are the only ones who can vote, share, and contribute comments to any submitted idea 


  • Can you guarantee my idea will be reviewed and incorporated into the product? 

No.  First, all submitted ideas will be crowdsourced, which means they will be assessed and rated by the community of users.  Product Management will not respond to every single idea submitted.  Instead, they will engage with the ideas that have been vetted by the community.  Ideas that are most voted on and commented on will be considered ‘Top Ideas’ and will be reviewed by Product Management. The number of votes required to be considered a ‘Top Idea’ will vary based on the product area, and the size of the community of users. 

The Ideas Exchange process and related documents are intended to guide and outline our general product direction. This information is intended for informational purposes only and is not to be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described in this communication remains at the sole discretion of ServiceMax and may change at any time, with or without notice. 


  • Can I get other people from my business to come in and vote? 

Two votes from the same account are not worth as much as two accounts being represented. Similarly, if a large number of ideas have votes from the same accounts, we won't be able to prioritize the select few that are most important to individual customers. We absolutely encourage you to share your ideas with other customers, your ServiceMax contacts, partners you work with. This program is about providing a way to understand the business interest of the customer base. 


  • Please don’t game the system –AKA  what’s the spirit of this? 

The spirit of this is to identify what the common issues and needs are across the industry. As a vendor we want to come to a stage where everybody is finding success using our product. Requirements vary, and we want to use this process to gain a sense of what are common themes across the customer base. If you vote for ideas you don't care about, you are diluting the power of your vote. This is the best way to make the best field service solution that will be a powerful tool to enable success. This is a good faith effort to make this work for everyone involved. 

  •  How can I get my idea to the top of the list? 

You can encourage the community to weigh in on your Idea.  Comments, likes, and views are all visible in the Idea Exchanges. You can do this by @mentioning ServiceMax contacts, other customers you know, and our partners. 


  • How can I track ideas submitted in the ServiceMax community? 

You can bookmark or subscribe to other community members’ ideas you want to keep up with.  

If you see an idea that is also important to your business you must like AND #Tag your company name in a comment so that you can follow the content and your account owner will know that you share that need. By adding your vote and your tag you'll be publicly showing that this is also important to your organization. 


Do you have any additional questions about the Ideas Exchange process? Please post them here, all will be answered in comments and we will add to this document to reflect the latest updates. 

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi @Nicole_Guzzo , is a like on an idea now equivalent to a vote from before? This article doesn't cover how to vote.

Regards, Richard

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

@richard_lewis You vote by liking the Idea.

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