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Updated: 3/5/19 

Labels are used within a community to help categorize articles in a variety of discussion styles; forums, blogs, and ideas. Labels are a great way to enable authors to categorize the content they write based on the themes or content in the article.   

Current Labels 

Product Discussions 

These were decided by our Product Team. You’ll be able to filter through discussions and ideas faster with these labels. 

  • Work Planning & Scheduling Discussions & Ideas 
    • Labels: Scheduling, Maps, Optimization 
  • Mobile Discussions & Ideas
    • Labels: iOS, Android, Windows, Classic Mobile Apps, Field Service Apps (FSA), ServiceMax Go
  • Service Flow Manager (SFM) Discussions & Ideas
    • Labels: SFM Delivery, SFM Designer, SFM Wizard, SFM Search, SmartDocs
  • Other Features & Tools Discussion & Ideas 
    • Labels: Preventive Maintenance, Installed Base Management, IoT, Checklists, Timesheets, SPMs, Warranties, Work Order Management, Communities, Parts Logistics, Inventory, SLA Management, Entitlement, 3rd Party, Migration, Feature Set Deployer 



These were decided by our Support and Product Teams. You’ll be able to filter through Knowledge articles faster with these labels.

  • Knowledge Base Labels:
    • Announcements 
    • Checklists 
    • Contracts | Warranties | PM Plans 
    • Dispatching and Scheduling 
    • Documentation 
    • Location Management 
    • Mobile - Classic 
    • Mobile – FSA 
    • Parts | Inventory | Installed Products 
    • Reports and Dashboards
    • Salesforce 
    • ServiceMax Platform 
    • SFM 
    • SmartDocs 
    • Timesheets 
    • Tools 
    • Work Order Management 
    • 3rd Party
  • Mobile App Release Labels:
    • iOS
    • Android 
    • Windows 
    • Archived 


Subscribe to a Label 

When you subscribe to a label, you are notified by email when a new post is created with the label.  For example, ServiceMax customers might want to keep up with discussions about a specific ServiceMax feature. 

To subscribe, click on the label you want to see. A notice will pop up, “Showing topics with label Activity. Subscribe to this label. Show all topics" Click subscribe. 

You can configure their own subscription settings under: 

  • My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > My Subscriptions and 
  • My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > Notification Settings. 


Can I Choose Labels? 

Yes, you can choose labels when you’re submitting a discussion thread, question, or idea in Product Discussions. You will be required to choose a label. The label section is on the right of the form. 

When creating content, you can choose multiple labels. However, we want you to choose the correct, relevant labels. Please do not choose multiple labels that are not applicable to your content. 

We all contribute to the quality and cleanliness of the information in this community, and selecting the correct, meaningful labels is a part of that! 



Are there an labels we’re missing in the ServiceMax Community? Where else would you like to see labels? This will be a constant working project! 

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Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi @Nicole_Guzzo, with the launch of Service Board does it make sense to differentiate the dispatch console with a label or maybe Service Board with a label or both. Similar to how the FSA and Classic apps are done. For example I assume soon if it has not happened already then development of the Dispatch Console will end but discussions on it still exist and will continue to be added. Likely the same with ideas.

Also where do notifications fit in? Which labels would be used for them, e.g. pulse app.

Regards, Richard

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Community + social media enthusiast! Just trying to put the sass in SaaS at ServiceMax.