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Updated: 3/5/19 

Many of you are coming over from our original, Jive-based, ServiceMax Community – welcome! 

We want to make sure you make the most out of your experience on the Community, and part of that is understanding where content lives and what the purpose of each space is. 

Below is a breakdown of our community structure and our navigation bar. 

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Breakdown of Structure, and What to Use Each Space For 

Home – You can always use this button to come back to the main page. Clicking the ServiceMax Community Kitchen logo in the top left-hand corner will also take you to the main page. 

Request Access – If you’re a ServiceMax customer, partner, and employee, and you registered after our relaunch (March 5, 2019), you will need to request access. Learn more in our other guide, “Your Recipe for Success: Registering and Requesting Access”. 

Product Discussions – This category holds all our product related questions and ideas. The subcategories were decided by our Product Team. In each of these four spaces there is a discussion forum and an idea exchange.  

  • Work Planning & Scheduling  Topics include scheduling, maps, optimization 
  • Mobile – Topics include classic mobile apps, Field Service Apps (FSA), iOS, Android, Windows, ServiceMax Go
  • Service Flow Manager (SFM) – Topics include SFM delivery, designer, Wizard, Search, and SmartDocs
  • Other Features & Tools – Topics include preventive maintenance, installed base management, IoT, checklists, timesheets, SPMs, warranties, work order lifecycle, communities, parts logistics, inventory, SLA management, entitlements, 3rd party, migration, output docs, feature set deployer 
  • Release Notes & Announcements – For ServiceMax customers to find information about upcoming releases and the notes that come along with them. 

 What to use Product Discussions for: 

  • Ask product related questions 
  • Reply to other people’s questions and discussion threads 
  • Submit product related ideas 
  • Vote on ideas 
  • Find release notes 

Support – This category holds content created by our Product Team, Support Team, and Education Team. While titled Support, it is not solely run by our Support Organization. 

  • Knowledge Base – Our customers have 24/7 access to documents that solve the most commonly encountered ServiceMax issues and frequently asked questions. 
  • Support & Product Updates  Our customers can read through these blogs to understand what’s going on with the ServiceMax product. 
  • Training & Education Updates – Find ServiceMax tips and tricks, and figure out how you can further your ServiceMax knowledge from our Education Team.
  • Mobile App Releases – We provide updates for our customers when mobile applications are pushed to the AppStore or PlayStore. 
  • Submit a Case – This is how customers will access the Customer Support Portal to submit a case. 

 What to use Support for: 

  • Read Knowledge Articles
  • Understand new announcements from Product 
  • Use education resources 
  • Comment on information shared by Product, Support, and Education 
  • Access the Customer Support Portal 

Community Kitchen – Content in this space revolves around a variety of updates and programs from our Community Team, Marketing Team, and Executive Team. 

  • Taste of ServiceMax – Community Blog – From getting started guides, to company announcements, to community challenges, we have a menu of content here. Read through these posts to understand what we’re cooking up at ServiceMax and in our Community. 
  • Beyond Field Service – Discussions – There’s more to our users than field service, and we want to give them a place to share that. We’re bringing together a potluck of conversation, and we encourage you to join in. 

What to use the Community Kitchen for: 

  • Participate in Community initiatives 
  • Start a discussion thread 
  • Reply to other discussion threads 
  • Network with other industry professionals 

Attend – This category holds things you go to, whether in person or via the Internet. 

  • Events – Whether it’s Maximize or a small regional gathering, we want to see you. Learn more about all our in-person events in this space. Attend one of them and network with industry leaders and service execution service experts. 
  • Webinars – From product demos, to industry specific discussions, to exicting releases, find the right webinar, or two, for you. Register to save your spot! 
  • Customer User Group Resources - The intent is to connect and bring together ServiceMax customers who are interested in networking, learning, meeting experts and sharing best practices. You can connect a multitude of ways, including via this online community group, and via in person meetings. 

What to use Attend for: 

  • Learn more about upcoming in-person and online events 
  • Ask questions of the event and webinar teams 
  • Find post-event resources 
  • Join a customer user group 



Do you have any questions about where to find certain pieces of content?  

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