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Your Recipe for Success: Ranks

Community Manager
Community Manager
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‎09-23-2019 10:22 AM

Updated: 3/5/19  

Many communities use ranks to recognize and reward community members. When a user first joins the community, they receive a “newbie” rank. As this member spends time in the community, reading and creating content, they move up the ranks. 

What’s a rank? 

A rank is essentially the set of criteria a member must meet in order to move up the boards. The criteria for a rank typically measure a member's activity in the community over time and the number of posts read or created.  

The most common events that affect a member's rank are: 

  • Accepted Solutions
  • Kudos 
  • Registration Age 
  • Minutes Online 
  • Number of Logins 
  • Number of Page Views
  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Minutes online
  • Role required
  • Bonus Points 

Is there a list of ranks? 

Here you go! 

  • Guest 
  • Busser 
  • Host
  • Wait Staff 
  • Barback 
  • Bartender 
  • Line Chef 
  • Fry Chef 
  • Grill Chef 
  • Sushi Chef 
  • Roast Chef 
  • Pastry Chef 
  • Sauté Chef 
  • Staff Chef 
  • Sous Chef 
  • Deputy Chef 
  • Head Chef 
  • Executive Chef 
  • Private Chef 
  • Celebrity Chef 
  • Restaurateur  

We’ll create more as time goes on! 

What’s the reasoning behind the names? 

We wanted to have fun with the rank names, and tie it back to our overall community theme. Instead of being a “Frequent Contributor,” you’re a “Bartender” or “Sushi Chef”! 

How do I earn a new rank? 

User ranks are awarded based on the quantity and quality of participation in the community. See the most common events that affect a member's rank listed above. 

Can ServiceMax employees earn ranks? 

No, we cannot earn ranks. The only rank titles you’ll see listed by our names are “Administrator”, “Community Manager”, and “Product Team” and all our names are bold.

Community Managers & Administrators will have an "ADMIN" icon to the left of their name.

Product Team members will have a "PRODUCT" icon to the left of their name.

All other ServiceMax Employees will have a chef hat to the left of their name.

What are the criteria for each rank? 

It wouldn't be as fun if we told you! 

Where does my rank display? 

Your rank will display on your profile page and on each post you make. You will be notified as you move up a rank. 



Do you have any ideas for other rank names? 

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi @Nicole_Guzzo , is there a league table of the rankings somewhere? I only see a league table for solutions.

I also see that the Knowledge user is not flagged as a ServiceMax employee and I think it should be.

Regarding not knowing how to get from one rank to the next I understand the thinking behind not showing this however what I liked about the previous community is it showed how many points we had and how many points were required to get to the next level. So you had a sense of pushing for the next level by being more active.

Regards, Richard

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

HI @Nicole_Guzzo , this is the knowledge user i mentioned above -

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