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Community Manager
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‎03-04-2019 04:52 PM

Updated: 3/5/19 

To view your profile, click your icon in the top, right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, select “My Profile”. 


Currently Visible 

The following items are visible on your profile: 

  • Your username 
  • Your rank
  • Number of posts you’ve created
  • Number of likes given
  • Number of solutions you’ve created
  • Number of likes received 
  • The date you became a Community member (this may be slightly altered due to the relaunch) 
  • Your latest posts 
  • Your activity feed 
  • What content you’ve received likes on and from who 
  • What content you’ve liked 
  • Your bio (if filled out) 
  • Your company name (if filled out) 
  • Your membership type 


Edit Your Profile 

To edit your profile, click “Edit my profile” on the right side of the screen. Multiple tabs will appear. Below are some of the key options. 


  • Under this tab you’ll be able to update your email, password, and personal information. 
  • Highlight: The signature option! Under the Personal Information tab, you can add a “signature”. This will appear at the bottom of all your posts – think of like an email signature!


  • Under this tab you’ll be able to adjust time zones, date formats, how content displays, who can see your profile information. 
  • Highlight: Mark posts as read! Under the General tab, you can modify if posts are marked read vs. unread. You can mark them read as you’ve looked at them, or with an auto-mark period. 


  • Under this tab you can upload your own profile picture! 

Subscriptions & Notifications 

  • Under this tab you can see everything you’ve bookmarked. 


Are there any other fields you think a profile should have?  

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Hi @Nicole_Guzzo, it would be good to have a way to tell what level of ServiceMax certification a person had.

Regards, Richard

Roast Chef
Roast Chef

I no longer see any of my book marks, have these not been transferred over?