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‎07-01-2015 01:58 PM

The Flawless Field Services Videos Series provides a "Day in the Life" overview of various roles in your field service organization and their real-world impact by utilizing the ServiceMax application.

Begin by viewing the overview video followed by the specific field services roles that you may be interested in incorporating for your ServiceMax implementation.

  • Overview
  • Service Leadership
    • A system for managing Service Operations
    • Analytics and Visibility
    • Single Source of Truth
  • Customer Service
    • Ability to get a 360° view of customers
    • Visibility into Warranties, Service Contracts and PM Plans
    • Access to service history and bill of materials
  • Dispatcher / Coordinator
    • Match Technicians to Work Orders
    • Gain a wider view of schedules, drive times and proximity
    • Manage the Work Order queue
  • Field Ready Mobile Technician
    • Single Solution Scheduling
    • Greater visibility into work needed
    • Online Knowledge base for manuals and procedures
    • Real-time collaboration with experts
    • Debrief a work order electronically
  • System Administrator
    • Easily configure solutions
    • Enforce business processes
    • Develop reports and dashboards on their own

If you are interested in learning more in how the ServiceMax Education Services team can assist with training your end users on the ServiceMax application, please contact us at