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Adoption Roadmap to Success through Education: Volume#3 - Product Education Programs

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‎01-03-2017 09:12 AM

The ServiceMax Product Certification Program provides customers flexible learning options that ensure confidence and mastery in the administration and use of the ServiceMax application. Product Certification Program courses are designed to walk users through guided, interactive exercises that provide participants with measurable, attainable, and repeatable skills. You’ll gain practical experience to keep your service delivery flexible and your organization informed.

Here is an overview of the programs offered for your Servicemax Administrators. Click on the titles to obtain the topics covered in each workshop:

Introduction to ServiceMax Administration: Start your ServiceMax certification journey by taking this introductory course where you will learn the core administrative features and basics skills through real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises. As a ServiceMax Certified Administrator, you will find success in supporting your ServiceMax implementation, protecting your organization’s investment and maintaining the quality of configuration and established business standards.

ServiceMax Advanced Administration: Take your ServiceMax education to the next level with our Advanced Administration course. This course is designed for seasoned ServiceMax Certified Administrators with at least three months of experience administering the ServiceMax application. The course is user-friendly with a clicks (not code) format – perfect for our advanced business clients and daily administrators. As a ServiceMax Advanced Administrator, you will learn to extend application functionality and make mindful choices while you grow your business using ServiceMax.

Note: Each of the above-mentioned workshops provides you with the ability to become ServiceMax certified.

Maintaining Certifications

Three times per year (winter, spring, and summer), ServiceMax releases new or updated features. Beginning with the Summer ‘16 release, in accordance with these updates, all ServiceMax Product Certified Professionals will be required to maintain their certification by taking a maintenance exam with each release cycle. Once release training and maintenance exams are available and published, you will receive a communication with any necessary details.


For more information, the Product Certification Programs, visit our Product Education webpage.

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