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Adoption Roadmap to Success through Education: Volume#4 - Customer Education Programs

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‎01-19-2017 10:50 AM

Once your ServiceMax application has been customized to your business process it's now time to consider how to train your end user community. Having your customer service/back office, dispatchers and field technicians trained is key to overall success of your ServiceMax implementation. Below we have outlined all of the end user training options that assist with doing so:

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Customer Experience: The Customer Experience Program (CXP) is intended to provide insight into both the day-in-the-life of the Field Service customer organization and the overall success of a ServiceMax Professional Services (PS) project implementation. The PS project team will observe/survey field service personnel both prior to the kickoff session and approximately 60-days after the Go Live event to measure the overall success of the ServiceMax implementation and to look for ongoing opportunities to provide value to the customer.

ServiceMax Readiness: This suite of learning videos provides an initial look at the ServiceMax application for your service team. It provides a general overview of the application as prerequisite training on both the browser and mobile app. With a “day-in-the-life” format it’s a perfect introduction to ServiceMax for dispatchers and field engineers.

UAT Preparation: The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Preparation program provides for Education Services expertise to be employed in every aspect of UAT – from unit testing and validating features to identifying opportunities for user experience enhancements and ensuring requirements have been met. With full engagement, our consultants will be able to build UAT scripts to capture every action your testers will execute, so user stories are validated. As well, they will fully prepare testers with the prerequisite ServiceMax application training, so they can use test scripts effectively. With proper UAT preparation, your ServiceMax deployment is primed for success.

User Enablement: Software adoption is an ongoing endeavor and it impacts the success of your deployment. At ServiceMax, maximum adoption is the main goal for all education engagements. We understand that the path to success is different for each organization, given unique training needs and preferences. That’s why we offer flexible learning options for end-user training, including role-based and train-the-trainer engagements.

Quick Reference Guides: ServiceMax Quick Reference Guides are portable, easy to access, simple to read and follow for all of your new ServiceMax learners. They reinforce daily tasks that promote early adoption and keep your service team engaged with the application, instead of searching documents or calling your help desk.

Field Service Workbook: As a customized training solution for every field service employee – dispatchers, field engineers, contract administrators and many others, the Field Service Workbook is designed to provide an on-hand supplement to training workshops and virtual sessions

Expert Services: From implementation planning and deployment preparation to ongoing education, ServiceMax Education Consultants help keep your training program on track. With intimate product knowledge and experience with hundreds of ServiceMax customers, our team of education consultants will provide unique training content and methods to support even the most demanding training plans.

Field Service Analytics: Everyone can benefit from learning about and using reporting and analytics tools. Nowadays, field service organizations cannot manage a team without them. The Field Service Analytics Workshop will help your organization understand what types of reports to use, how to develop them, when to use them and how to analyze the information from them to make informed decisions that maximize field service success.

Continuing Education: To promote your ongoing education efforts, ServiceMax Education Consultants create eLearning, self-paced modules for ServiceMax learners to access at any time after deployment. If you have additional training needs throughout your lifetime with ServiceMax, the Education Services team can assist with the promotion of tips and tricks and any training content for ServiceMax application enhancements. Whether your learners are new to ServiceMax or need a refresher, ServiceMax Continuing Education brings everyone up to speed.

For more information on the Customer Education Programs, visit our Customer Education Program webpage.

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