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Adoption Roadmap to Success through Education: Volume#5 - Continuing Education Programs

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‎01-24-2017 04:19 PM

Ongoing training for current administrators and service organization just improves the outcomes you expect from ServiceMax. At the same time, new employees that need to get up and running quickly benefit from the latest training content. Continuous improvements in training materials and methods ensure a higher level of adoption success.

Adoption Best Practices

When you start the education process, a basic understanding of the current business procedures come first and all of the important step-by-step instruction is a top priority. With the basics, you achieve your goals – the people at the center of your efforts are prepared. But, are they dedicated to putting all of their new tools to good use?

With ServiceMax’s Continuing Education services a targeted program for advanced training is created to help your ServiceMax learners overcome obstacles and move past the basics. With offerings for ServiceMax best practices and refresher training, your service team puts your own ServiceMax analytics to work. Based on the results of your service team’s performance, our Education Consultants help them progress through any major hurdles in understanding and knowledge to gain a deeper appreciation for ServiceMax that boosts adoption.

The following education services may be offered to promote early adoption efforts within your instance of ServiceMax for your end users:

  • Application or Device Best Practices
  • Refresh and Retain Sessions

Enhancements TrainingAt ServiceMax we understand that perfecting field service is a continual effort in improving service delivery. Taking advantage of the latest ServiceMax functionality is the best way to stay on top of advancing technology and service practices. When you upgrade, change your service processes or enhance the usability of ServiceMax, you’ll want to revisit your training programs. ServiceMax offers a line of training services that help you keep your service team moving in the right direction for perfecting field service.
The following education services may be offered to promote enhancements and changes within your instance of ServiceMax to continue adoption efforts for your end users:

  • Enhancement Showcase
  • Upgrade Training
  • Ongoing Client Success Videos

For more information the Continuing Education Programs, visit our Customer Education Program webpage.