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Autumn '17 Release Training

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‎10-26-2017 08:55 AM


Our Autumn '17 release training gives you the first look at new capabilities and enhancements to existing features.  Each video in the series features an overview, relevant use cases and in-depth demonstrations.  Watch the videos today by clicking directly on links below.

  • Video Link : 1509: The tree view of the installed base has been enhanced to show installed base hierarchies in context of both installed products and locations. Watch this video to see how it works.
  • Video Link : 1511: Improvements to the way technicians and work order events are loaded into the Gantt view mean dispatchers can get started on the Dispatch Console faster than ever before. And job dependencies establish rules that help a dispatcher or the optimization engine schedule preparatory work to be completed before the subsequent technician visits, avoiding surprises and rework. Learn how to take advantage of these improvements in this video.
  • Video Link : 1512: An additional option when creating preventive maintenance plans is now available that lets you set a threshold for values like temperature or pressure, so preventive maintenance work orders can be automatically scheduled when those values fall below or rise above the set threshold. Learn how to set it up in this video.
  • Video Link : 1510: You can now add a question that allows your technicians to upload a photo to a checklist, specify default answers, and add controls to an output document to specify which checklists and which version of a checklist should be included. Watch this video to see how to set up your checklists and output documents to make it work.

Please reference the Autumn '17 release notes for additional details.

Happy learning!