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Can we show the Work Orders assigned to a queue in Dispatch console maps?

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef
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‎01-19-2016 09:10 AM

I am trying to create a view to show Work Orders which are assigned to a queue in Dispatch console maps, but unfortunately they are not showing up.Can any one help me out?


Hello Srikanth,

Work orders need to have latitude and longitude field values populated in order to appear on the map. We offer two ways to populate these values in our system. Method one is to manually populate the values directly on the work order by selecting the "Validate Address" SFM on the work order. This is tedious however to perform for every work order. Method two is to manually populate latitude and longitude values on the Location object, and then create a Salesforce workflow that will copy the values to the work order when it is created by looking at the related Location record.

This still requires manual selection of the "Validate Address" SFM button on the Location record, but this will be a much lower effort if your business has many work orders for a single Location over time.

Other background information: We do not automatically populate latitude and longitude values on either Location or Work Order objects because not all customers require this information, and there are associated API calls to external systems that inquire performance, bandwidth and other costs.

Also - we require latitude and longitude values on the Work Order to view in the maps as the maps presentation is based on a radius calculation to filter the work orders that appear within a specified distance (miles/kilometers) from a point on the map. This calculation depends on latitude and longitude values on the objects being plotted (work orders).

Thank you!


Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Hi Paul, thank you for responding for my post. We already have latitude and longitude Information for our Accounts and Installed products which we are bringing them on top of the Work Order. When I have a criteria something like 'Order Status equals Open' then I can be able to see all the open work orders on the Map, but when I try to limit them for only a particular queue something like 'Owner Id equals to Queue ID' then the WO's are not showing up. May I know what the problem could be?




Hi Srikanth,

Please use the queue name instead of the SF Id of the queue in your expression. For example, if the name of your queue is 'CA Queue', then your expression should be 'Owner Id Equals CA Queue'.