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Coffee Break Conversation - Managing Work Permits before Commencing a Job

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‎04-02-2020 12:28 PM

"Buckle up, it's the Law". The same applies to safety.

It can get pretty complex though. Safety standards, procedures and guidelines that apply to a singular Job can originate from four different sources in potentially infinite number of combinations:

  1. (internal) Company guidelines
  2. Product related standards
  3. (external) Customer guidelines
  4. Site specific procedures

What we see and learn from the current global pandemic is that those "rules" are situational.

Life cycle of a JobLife cycle of a Job

When we look at the life cycle of a job we can distinguish many different stages. Depending on your commercial model, some of those activities will be productive/ billable, others will not.

Creating visibility is the first phase of having a rational discussion with your customer working towards optimisation.

Secondly, ServiceMax offers various solutions to structure tribal knowledge reduce/ optimise and manual & paper based steps.

  • Record procedures on Account level
  • Record procedures on Site/ Location level
  • Record procedures on Product/ Product Group/ Product Family level
  • Record skills, safety passes, accreditations, etc on Technician level (with validity dates)
  • Only dispatch Job to a Technician with a positive match on the above 4 bullets
  • Only allow the Technician to commence the Job after explicit confirmation and/ or passing questions in Check Lists
  • Capture findings, readings and pictures in the Work Order (e.g. add picture of clean/ safe work environment)
  • Run reports on compliance ... manage outliers
  • Use data and reports in your annual supplier/ customer review

See @kieran_notter, you asked 5, I'm coming to 9. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Lastly, now you have the data and the tools you can monetise Safety. If you can demonstrate the Cost associated with Safety. If you can show all time stamps. If you can document compliance. Then you can remove the friction from any Safety conversation and bend it to a positive emotion.

In case you want to continue the conversation, grab a refill and add your comments. You can also contact me at


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Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

@cjeukens is there a recording of this available?

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