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Coffee Break Conversation - The Technician of the future

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‎04-06-2020 07:35 AM

A very insightful conversation last week happened during the Coffee Break on April 2nd around the topic: The Technician of the Future. 

Definitely the topic is very wide, but I think we can summarise the discussion in three bullets points:

1- Hard skills are important and companies need to improve and constantly evolve the hard skills of their tech, but soft skills and change management are equally important to drive impactful initiatives 

2- Companies need also to evaluate new roles within their organisations, likewise the Data Scientists role, Mario Rapaccini, Professor at University of Florence was explaining how the need of this role came predominately from the research he conducted last year. Companies are collecting huge amount data, but who really knows how to get relevant information and consequently wise decisions?

3-Technologies will play an important role for tech's skills, new tools will be pivotal to support services in a different way even more important in a post Covid-19 world where we will need to re-think 99% of processes.

Very worth 30min spent sipping coffee and sharing thoughts !

@mark_homer please add anything I missed!

thank you