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‎03-31-2020 03:06 PM

@kieran_notter and I had the opportunity to host a short coffee break regarding the topic of first-time fix. In the session we focused on the three following areas:

  1. The impact of first-time fix
  2. The causes of first-time fix
  3. The fixes for first-time fix

@deirdre_yee will get a recording of the session up shortly. A few observations and discussion points:

  • There is a great deal of interest in this metric, particularly as it impacts customer operations and the perception of service quality
  • Organizations that are hesitant to improve ftf as they are making money on every visit (their mistakes) will lose out in the long-run as others offer contracts with improved performance expectations.
  • The major causes for first-time fix failure are tied to 5 primary areas
    • Parts
    • Skills/expertise
    • Schedule (white space management)
    • Customer constraints
    • Poor data
  • First-time fix improvement requires a collaborative approach within the service organization. It is extremely beneficial if this collaborative approach is extended to involve the customer
  • There is growing interest in the idea of Next Issue Avoidance, a metric that has risen in interest given a greater focus on Customer Effort.

For those of you interested in the concept of customer effort, please refer to the following article:


Please feel free to share your questions or observations on the topic and please join our ongoing coffee series at https://lp.servicemax.com/AM-WBN-2020-Coffee-Break-Series_Registration-LP.html