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Sushi Chef
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‎04-01-2016 03:18 PM

Hi All, we have a weird Issue in our Servicemax Instance.

Dispatchers sometimes are getting 'Double booking' error msg when trying to create an Event in technician's calendar in the dispatch console even though there is no other event exist at that time. I opened a ticket with Servicemax support and they suggested me to enable SET 025 which is to enable double booking but if I enable it then there are chances where dispatchers may double book technicians. Can anyone help me out ?



Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Sometimes when a dispatcher creates an event at a particular time on technician's calendar in dispatch console and delete it for some reason after that when they try to create another event at the same time then also they are receiving the same error message saying that 'Double booking is not allowed'

Line Chef
Line Chef

Hi Srikanth, There are a few other Global Settings that you can check out that related to Double Booking:

Module: Dispatch Management / Submodule: Dispatch Console Flex

SET025 - Allow double booking of technician on creation of new Event

SET026 - Check for double booking on creating / updating Work Order events only

SET027 - Allow double booking of technician on updating an existing Event

SET028 - Consider only existing Work Order events for checking double booking

Hope this helps!