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Module 1: Reporting & Analytics Introduction, Purpose and Goals

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‎05-23-2016 01:33 PM

The ServiceMax Professional Services and Education Teams are proud to present to you the Elements of Success Video Series. We will be showcasing world class best practices on achieving maximum results for ServiceMax Adoption and showing our commitment to providing a stellar customer experience.

Our third element of success is the key element that brings ServiceMax to life for your implementation.  Utilizing Reporting and Analytics puts the power of the systems information into the hands of your users to help them maximize business results.

The series consists of 3 modules that build upon each other to create a complete understanding of the value of Reporting and Analytics and key tips on how to incorporate the use of reporting into your ServiceMax implementation. To access the other modules in this series click the module name.

Module 1: Reporting & Analytics Introduction, Purpose and Goals

In this module you learn what reporting and dashboards are, what purpose they serve in your implementation and the key benefits you will gain by using reporting and analytics.

Module 2:  Reporting Types & Processes

We break down your understanding of the types of reporting that can significantly impact your business, how to implement reporting and the roles your team plays in making reporting a successful part of your implementation.

Module 3:  Reporting Key Metrics and Support

This final module of the series provides you with some best practices and key metrics to measure with reporting, while providing a high level overview of support resources that are available to help you achieve reporting success.