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Module 2: UAT Process & Methodology

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‎04-19-2016 02:25 PM

The ServiceMax Professional Services and Education Teams are proud to present to you the Elements of Success Video Series. We will be showcasing world class best practices on achieving maximum results for ServiceMax Adoption and showing our commitment to providing a stellar customer experience.

Our first element of success encompasses one of the most critical components of implementing a new software, User Acceptance Testing.

The series consists of 4 modules that build upon each other to paint the entire picture of all of the steps to execute a successful UAT. To access the other modules in this series click the module name.

  1. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Essentials:
    • What is meant by User Acceptance Testing?, the underlying purpose, goals and benefits of an effective UAT and basic terminology used throughout the process.
  2. UAT Process and Methodology
    • We will look at the end-to-end process of UAT from planning to retesting and explaining the importance of how both ServiceMax and the customer share an integral role in the success of a UAT by discussing each of their responsibilities
  3. UAT Documentation
    • Overview of key documentation needed during the UAT process and its significance within the process. It will showcase ServiceMax Templates of UAT scripts, Defect Tracking Tools, and UAT Sign-off for all stages in the process.
  4. UAT Best Practices, Limitations and Support
    • Our last module is designed to share best practices on running an effective UAT, some of the obstacles if not done and what support options the customer has available to them to ensure maximum adoption and project success