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If our customers want equipment to work how do we convince them to buy uptime contracts opposed to traditional break-fix and preventive maintenance contracts?


Attached you'll find the presentation in PDF format from the session. Coen @cjeukens , do you have any questions for the community to continue the conversation here?


From the PDF of the presentationFrom the PDF of the presentation



Thanks for those that joined today's coffee break. Great insight from one of our customers in the food packaging industry that their customers are not yet ready for uptime offerings. As a marketer, it seemed like an opportunity for education in that specific market. Wondering if other industries are having to educate their customers on "Up-Time" Contracts or "as a service" offerings or if they are asking for them? 


The current events are likely  to have an impact on how (critical) businesses are going to reassess Uptime/ Downtime. In addition to recent events, we see many conversations along the lines of moving from 'reactive' to 'proactive'.

As a stepping stone to offering Uptime Contracts we can have a look a the transformation journey 'captured' in the abbreviation of PM:

  • Preventive Maintenance,
  • Pro-active Maintenance,
  • Predictive Maintenance or
  • Prescriptive Maintenance.

Do have a look at the article about 'Selling Preventive Maintenance as a Value Add' in Field Service News (Feb 11th, 2020).

Post-Cofee Break I will create a similar article on Uptime Contracts. Please join me in the creation and reach out to me.